1. IbrahimAbi

    It's an ill wind...

    I did feel earlier this week that a German consortium would win this. A consortium of German giant Siemens and Turkey’s Türkerler and Kalyon Enerji holdings won a billion-dollar wind energy tender on Aug. 3, offering the lowest price to the state with $3.48 cents per kilowatt hour. Siemens...
  2. flowerpotman

    Soba pipe wind vane

    Any idea what the thing on top of the soba pipes is called that helps draw the smoke up. Thanks
  3. S

    Wind Turbines on the Bodrum Peninsula

    I went to the protest meeting against the proposed wind farm near Yalikavak. What are your thoughts? There weren't many foreign residents there despite all the publicity. BacktoBodrum: Tilting at Windmills - Troubling Turbines
  4. bal canavar

    Blowin' in the Wind

    Really found this version of Bob Dylan's classic different, enjoyed the flautist third of the way through. And of course the war, peace and freedom sentiment. Marlene Dietrich - Blowing In The Wind 1/2 - YouTube
  5. S

    Wind up Jaycey!!!

    Right folks Jayceys away to bed in Ukraine for the night whilst sadly that part of the world is living in uncertainty with the Russian crisis What about for a laugh we get Mushtaq to change all of Tlf into Russian so when poor Jaycey logs on tomorrow he will think Putins plan for world...
  6. juco

    Wind map

    Cant really think of a use for it but interesting though. earth wind map a visualization of global weather conditions forecast by supercomputers updated every three hours
  7. B

    More Wind Turbines For Akbuk.

    In my opinion, the current wind turbines in Akbuk are already a blot on the landscape; and now there are plans for 10 more. The powers that be will not be happy until they have spoiled the place with endless building.... Source - Voices Newspaper. Plans for new wind farm in Akbuk PLANS are...
  8. ria248

    Solar and wind powered electricity

    İ would like to know if it's legal and viable (money wise) to set up some sort of system to produce electricity away from the grid? Constant power-cuts are a pain, and İ wondered how to get started, costs, equipment required, how much maintenance is involved, pitfalls, etc. Could solar water...
  9. V

    UK gives Turkey £31m for wind farms

    British taxpayers are donating £31m to Turkey for developing wind farms as part of a massive £2.9billion package of climate aid. Britain gives millions in 'climate aid' to tackle flatulent Colombian cows... plus £31m to Turkish wind farms and funding for talks with Kenyan 'rain-makers' | Mail...
  10. P

    Surely a wind up.

    WTF is this about,I'm sure home grown competitors will love this. London 2012 Olympics: Cuban-born Yamile Aldama could captain Great Britain team at London Games | Mail Online And this. News | Mail Online
  11. ZiaCa'

    Turkey - Leader in Wind Power

    Good to see Turkey leading in alternative energy. Wind Power Turkey 2011 :: Green Power Conferences
  12. perfect1949

    never known wind like this for June

    last night here in Gumusluk it was gale force wind all night , what was it like where you was . dave
  13. P

    A wind up maybe.

    Odd - News - Broken-down hearse carries insulting tribute - Digital Spy
  14. Yalides

    Wind up merchants

    Brilliant wind up by Carol. Loved every moment of it. Upset the "up my own backside" brigade a treat. The forum was getting a little boring of late. Carol is a top WUM.......:48:
  15. carolk

    Wind Up!!

    Yes, it was a wind up!. Mushtaq didn't ask me to be a moderator as he would have left himself wide open to the accusations of nepotism . :blah: I have had a few laughs as have some of you who knew have too!. :rockon: I wouldn't have thought such a simple wind up could upset so many people...
  16. B

    Breaking Wind

    I've spent the last couple of weeks eating a typical Turkish diet as I have Turkish friends staying over and the wife insists on cooking for us. She only cooks Turkish and it's very nice, can't complain. What I and my other half have noticed though is that we're breaking wind so much! Before...
  17. bickern

    Among the bayonet-like minarets of ancient Istanbul, an East wind is blowing.

    what a load of "TOSH" I had to read this rubbish twice. This just shows journalism for what it is. Among the bayonet-like minarets of ancient Istanbul, an East wind is blowing. It will chill us all... says The Mail On Sunday columnist in the week David Cameron calls for Turkey to join the EU...
  18. Bubskar

    What's a little wind!!

    I went along to my local outdoor market today and at times the gusts of wind were so strong it meant all the stallholders were having to hang onto the poles holding up their tarpaulins over their stalls. Although it was quite frightening being under such a structure everyone carried on their...
  19. Lyndsey


    the gayle force kind ;) 80kph at the moment here. Had a short power cut earlier but back on for now at least. Has eveyone battened down the hatches?
  20. gren

    Domestic Wind turbines

    Turkish engineers take off with the wind - Hürriyet Daily News and Economic Review
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