1. A89

    Win 10 anti virus

    I recently bought a new laptop. It had on ıt a months free McAfee and now that the month has expired ı'm getting messages saying the laptop is unprotected. I was under the impression that Windows 10 had its own integral security, am I mistaken? alison
  2. A89

    Wipe Win 7

    Hi, I was going to pass on an old win 7 laptop and was intending to restore to factory settings first but as I dont have the disks finding it impossible. Looked onlıne and lots of links for intstructions to do with it without a disk but halfway through they tell you you need the disk or do...
  3. Mushtaq

    Turkey's Ramil Guliyev upstages Wayde van Niekerk and Isaac Makwala to win 200m gold

    It is safe to say, with all the boiling intrigue around the men’s 200 metres last night, that few expected a heavily tattooed Turk of disputed national allegiance to bundle through the pack and spoil the script. Just when this London crowd dared look for more romantic narratives – Wayde van...
  4. christella

    Computer problem win 7

    I keep getting a page coming up saying wait or kill the computer goes dead Any ideas
  5. A89

    Anyone done Win 10 free?

    Hi, Anyone here who's done the free upgrade from Win 7 to Win 10? Do I need to save all my photos and documents and then re load them afterwards? Does it clear everything off or does it automatically save everything? Also do I need any extra security besides what it already on Win 10? Ive been...
  6. A89

    Free Win 10 & itunes

    When I do the free upgrade from win 7 to 10 will my itunes still be intact? Do I need to do anything with my files/ photos etc? Alison
  7. suzyq

    Iran election: Reformists win all 30 Tehran seats

    Maybe a new beginning Allies of Iran's reformist President Hassan Rouhani have won a landslide victory in Tehran, in the first parliamentary vote since Iran signed a nuclear deal with world powers. Iran election: Reformists win all 30 Tehran seats - BBC News
  8. Freedom 49

    U.K. National Lottery Win? Sounds dodgy.

    Has anyone had notification of their e.mail address being a major winner in the U.K. national Lottery? I've had one this morning. If it were true, it would be brilliant :) but the logical part of my brain tells me it has to be a scam. What would you do? Respond, or just cancel it out and get...
  9. Spurs

    They win again.

    Maybe Judges should do a couple of months as prison officers actually dealing with these types. Solitary for 72 hours max? I thought these people done the rest of their days in solitary confinement. Prison segregation of two terrorists was unlawful, Supreme Court rules - Telegraph
  10. R

    Can I switch Turkish win XP to english?

    Got a hand me down from the inlaws. Its a huge gaming computer. Uses WIN xp. Can I change it to english or do I have to install a new OS?
  11. C

    UAE investors win landmark case

    After a long court battle Frank Khoie of Khoie properties an Iranian, has been ordered to pay back up to 800 investors in a failed project on a man made island Marjan Ras Al Khaimah, in the United Arab Emirates. The courts have ordered him to pay back sales and purchase agreements, legal fees...
  12. Firefox

    Hackers Win

    Hakers have successfully brought Hollywood to its knees and managed to get SONY pictures to drop a nationwide screening of film about North Korean Leader.
  13. U

    A Sunday win for Erdogan

    Seems to be a foregone conclusion that Erdogan will be the winner on Sunday. As US president Bill Clinton said lo these many years ago, "It's the economy, stupid." The Turkish economy has tripled since AK came to power in 2002. AK policies over the decade have improved the country's...
  14. newhorizon

    Riciardio'A first F1 win at Canada 2014

    Well what a drama packed race...especially last 6 laps or so. With Mercedes problems, and Hamilton DNF the race came alive with Riciardo chasing the losing power Mercedes of Rosberg and over taking him. Vettel was extremely lucky not to have been spliced out by the crashing Williams of Massa...
  15. juco

    Can the Tories win the election.

    If we can believe the figures then this will not help the Tories at the next election. 6.3 million working families are below the poverty line and a bit less for those not working. So thats 12m in the uk below the poverty line from those 2 groups. Add to that pensioners and other disgruntled...
  16. M

    welsh win

    Did anyone see Wales win the rbs championship yesterday .....
  17. immac

    Lottery Win - Where?

    I have had two winning tickets on Milli Piyango - total 120tl. Where do I collect? Is it from the retailer (Kipa)? Ian
  18. perfect1949

    who is going to win ?

    who will win the presidential election on Tuesday Obama or Romney ? . dave
  19. D

    Bodrum Bulletin Prize Draw - win £200

    As some of you may know, I have recently launched a prize draw to win £200 cash on the Bodrum Bulletin, in conjunction with Panoramic Villas (Britain’s fastest growing on-line villa rental company). I thought I would re-post here as I'm sure that some of you, who are not regular readers may be...
  20. L

    Help to win lottery

    While I,m sitting in the conservatory waiting for it stop raining so I can clear out my shed I had a thought how to win the lottery with the help of tlf. All you have to do is reply to this stating how many days left till you go to turkey and the first 6 replies up to the number 49 will be my...
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