1. Tenpin

    Info Inheritance Law in Turkey

    Courtesy of Doc Martin © Doc Martin 2017 Disclaimer: The information here is provided as a general guide. Whilst every effort is made to ensure that the information is up to date and accurate, information given here from the Turkish Government, DGMM, GOC, British Consulate & other official...
  2. suecheshireuk

    Confused... Turkish wills.

    I was under the impression that even if you made a will, your assets were distributed according to the Turkish law, can anyone enlighten me please, though personal experience, I am hearing conflicting stories and wondering if a will will be worth the paper it is written on. Thanks. xx
  3. D

    Wills in Turkey

    This subject crops up regularly. Some people say Turkish inheritance Laws always take precedence over written wills that attempt to disinherit children, regarding immovable property in Turkey. Other people have found lawyers who claim to be able to write such a will that will be accepted by...
  4. shirleyanntr

    english/Turkish Wills yet again

    last Friday i was asked to go to court to support a woman who has been having problems with her deceased husbands will. He died four years ago leaving an English Will and a Turkish Will. He left everything to his wife the Turkish Will was drawn up by a lawyer translated notarised etc. They...
  5. stmary

    British people that make turkish wills

    Hi and good morning to all , I have been talking to a dear friend of ours regarding turkish wills , her husband died last year and she decided to go out to Altinkum this year and remove her husbands name off the tapu , She went to all right places and then saw a solicitor who said that the...
  6. L

    Change of Address on Turkish Wills

    Is it possible to change a Property Address on a Turkish Will, or do we need to make a new one? Is the current will still valid even though it has the wrong address on?
  7. C

    Turkish property - Irish wills

    An interesting discussion on local radio today [96fm] by a solicitor. He states that Irish wills only cover property in Ireland. Anybody with property abroad, need to take out a separate will in that country. He also mentioned many solicitors have problems tracing bank acconts and...
  8. L


    Would my UK will cover my property in Turkey or would I have to make a Turkish will, if so any idea of the cost of a Turkish will ?
  9. Y

    Wills and other Legalities...

    Can anyone on board recommend a - reputable, respectable, honest, and reliable solicitors (?) in Alanya who can deal with the legal papers in both English and Turkish for the purpose of making/drawing up a will from the Turkish law point of view ? Thanks.
  10. Fuzzy

    Turkish Wills - Disinherit heirs?

    Having read through numerous threads here on this complicated matter ...l see that most of the threads are quite old now and was wondering whether there had been any further clarity on the inheritance laws for foreigners living in Turkey ? it was mentioned somewhere that the British Embassy...
  11. M


    Hi all :28:Making a will out, i presume best to have it made out in Turkey . Has any one done this, and how much does it cost. M/V:28:
  12. jazzcazz


    Hi Folks, We are coming over in September to Dalyan for two weeks and have been advised that we have to get our wills done for the apartment that we own in Dalaman. Please can anyone advise on a good solicitor / notary in either Dalaman or Dalyan who can help and if possible what the going...
  13. Lindacm

    Notary & Wills

    We are just in the process of going to the notary to register our Wills. However we are being told by a friend that we need to have a certificate from a doctor to say that we are of sane mind. This has to be done on the same day as we go to the notary. Does anyone have any knowledge of this and...
  14. S


    Celtic-just a (relatively) straight forward query re wills. Our house is in joint names. We have no kids. Is there any way we can draw up a will so that the surviving partner gets all. Thanks
  15. raven

    Wills regarding Children

    Hi With us expecting our first child I was wondering if anyone who is married to a Turkish National and have children can give me some advice regarding setting up a Will. We would like to specify that our child if anything happens to both of us that they go to a certain set of grand parents...
  16. P

    Wills and Katies wedding.

    Thought this very funny.More Katie Price than waitey Katie. My Big Fat Gypsy Royal Wedding: How Kate Middleton's big day might look | Mail Online
  17. arrian

    Kate & Wills threatened ......

    apparently blizzards are expected just in time for the royal wedding!!! :help: British Royal Wedding Blogs - Yahoo! Shine
  18. B

    Turkish Wills

    Hi can anyone give me some advice about the best route to take to make a Turkish Will and getting it legal and binding.
  19. B

    wills in Turkey,are they legally binding.

    This is my first post on the forum and its a question really that I would invite comments on as I dont know what the answer is. I was told by a Turkish friend of mine that wills are of no use here and that everything goes to the family in particular the eldest son when you die, Is this true...
  20. Lindacm

    Wills Again

    Hello Celtic, It's nice to have you back again, if only for a short while. Re Wills; Can I please confirm with you that whilst my immovable property must be according to Turkish Law, any moveable assets can come under British Law? We do not want to leave moveable assets according to Turkish...
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