1. Tommie

    Turkish Wildlife Sightings

    I have just created a Facebook group where you can add all your lovely wildlife pictures. Photos of your OH excluded... Turkish Wildlife Sightings
  2. Jaycey

    Fabulous wildlife pics

    A few of my favourite pics… 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
  3. v6cod

    Not a wildlife photo

    Hope you like it.
  4. T

    Wildlife Photographers of the Year

    International prizewinning photographs. BBC Nature - In pictures: Wildlife Photographer of the Year winners
  5. B

    Trip to Wildlife - Izmir - 14-7-2012

    50 Lira, 10 Liira deposit, contact Selma at Didim Diner, breakfast at DD from 9.30am, departing by 10.30am. Getting back around 11pm ish. Les
  6. v6cod

    Photos from today (not wildlife)

    Reed head Stairway to heaven Sunset
  7. E

    wildlife around lake and forest

    hi,im curious to whats to be found in area,repltiles animals ect ? are there pathways into forest towards flamingo country club direction,thanks
  8. peter the postie

    Budget Camera for wildlife.

    I'm looking at buying a digital camera with which I can photograph local wildlife, mainly birds. I haven't a clue what I need, or how cheaply I can buy it. Can anyone make any suggestions???
  9. Mushtaq

    New wildlife forum is open

    As there is lot of interest in this subject, I have added this forum as requested.
  10. northpole

    Wildlife forum

    How about a forum for wildlife and nature.lt would be interesting to hear of the wildlife where people live and what their views are of nature. This can be in any part of the world,sharing one's experiences and learning from each other about wildlife.
  11. Struggs

    Why do all ailing wildlife pick my garden

    Some will remember my hedgehog story a few years ago. It always seems to happen in my garden, last year a sparrowhawk swooped up a baby collar dove, luckily I saw this and with shouting and clapping the bird was dropped and I managed to catch it and fortunately he was not injured. I have had a...
  12. bobthenob

    Encouraging wildlife

    About two years ago,l erected a bamboo screen around the swimming pool area of my property so to give it that tropical laid back look as well as to create some privacy while sunbathing. But this year l have discovered such an abundance of many different species of insects hibernating inside the...
  13. alison09400

    Sasali Nature Wildlife Park

    One of the largest wildlife parks in Europe has opened in Izmir. Sasali Nature Park opened at the end of last month. Read about it here http://www.izmir.bel.tr/dogalyasamparki/eng/index.html# Looks like it would be a fantastic day out...we'll certainly be visiting.
  14. T

    Wildlife in the Tuzla Area

    Hi there, This seems kind of relevant given the post about Steve Erwins zoo. Just returned the other day from a couple of weeks over in Tuzla and have been amazed at the wildlife that we've seen in the area. Owls - saw a couple and at all times of the day, not just the evening. Tortoises -...
  15. bobthenob

    assisting wildlife

    lt has been bitterly cold during the past few days,and it looks like it will continue for a little while longer.Spare a thought for the wildlife,while going through this harsh weather,they could do with a little helping hand,just to get them through these difficult times. Save those mesh...
  16. spitfire

    Amazing Wildlife Video

    This has got to be the most amazing wildlife video ever. It was filmed by some tourists in South Africa. It shows a pride of lions attacking some buffalo and then catching a baby buffalo and dragging it into the water. If that isn't bad enough a crocodile gets a bit of the action too.... You...
  17. Mushtaq


    Came home one evening to find this guy in the living room, wasn't in any hurry to jump off, so took a couple of pictures. Mushtaq
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