1. suzyq

    400 Wild Horses

    Hope they are successful. There is also a video at the end of the article. Around 400 wild horses have been introduced to run freely in nature in the Central Anatolian province of Nevşehir, known globally for its unique landscape of fairy chimneys. Ali Kemer, who has worked as a horse...
  2. immac

    Book: Wild Flowers in Fethiye

    New book just published by Fethiye council on the wild flowers of Fethiye. I have just bought a few copies at 50TL each - well worth the money, either as a gift or something to sit on the coffee table. Text in English and Turkish on fine quality paper; each plant has a high definition photo, and...
  3. willip

    yet another wild Saturday night

  4. juco

    Not wild life...Gardening

    Everything is running late up here (Scotland) but after a few nice days the flowers are erupting. Even my lettuce and Parsley is coming on now.
  5. J

    Wild Lynx Cats

    Wild lynx to return to Britain after 1,300 years - Telegraph The words that concern me are' introduced to three unfenced estates' I suppose some of you will think , like the big spiders in the bath, there's no cause for concern.
  6. hijo

    Wild Flowers

    A few Photos of Wild Flowers We Captured In Cyprus last Week..
  7. Sally-Ann

    A few wild flower pics of around my house.

    This area is at the back of Hatiplar village near Side. It's just beautiful this time of year:5:
  8. Yalides

    Wild boar

    Wild boar saga ends as beast found dead near Chippenham (From Wiltshire Times) Not just Turkey you get them....
  9. kaplumba

    Wild Life

    This turned up on my Facebook today. Looks like someone put a camera somewhere on the peninsula and got some interesting photos. During all my walks and wanderings I have never seen more than a few tortoises and some interesting insects and birds. Oh yes - and a couple of snakes and various...
  10. Q

    Wild dogs

    I have been pursued twice by feral dogs in Izmir: once by three on the waterfront, and today by a pair in the Kültürpark. Both times were in the evenings, just after dark, and like the angels in Blink, they don't get any closer to me when I'm looking at them, but get much closer when my back is...
  11. abba

    Born to be wild!

    Short humourous video http://www.newsday.com/polopoly_fs/1.235372.1243574086%21menu/standard/file/ny-walt-baby-boomers.swf
  12. christella

    wild boer in Kusadasi

    taken at the national park the last picture is where mum charged at me hence the picture
  13. perfect1949

    in the wild

    took a photo of this squirl yesterday isn't he cute . dave
  14. janA

    Wild boar

    Was'nt sure where to share this. I was walking buddy this morning when i came across this poor wild boar stuck in a snare.
  15. Yogi

    Wild At Heart

    What a load of utter guff this programme is. For some unknown reason I can't get near the TV 8:30 on a Sunday evening, my Wife loves it. It's like Corrie in the Jungle. It's only redeeming feature is good scenery and lots of wild animals.
  16. Lemonhead

    Sports Nuts Gone Wild!

    I could never be this dedicated to any sport. I froze just walking to my car yesterday. Surfing in Chicago
  17. rosewall1

    wild boar joint/chops

    Just been watching Jamie Oliver cooking wild boar in france and rather fancy having a go myself. Big problem I don't have any nor do I know where to get any. So if anyone knows where I can get some or has some they would like to sell to me, Please let me know. PS. I am in living in Bodrum
  18. SonnyJim

    Another WILDLY BOARING story!!!

    Yesterday evening I was walking our dog along a usual country pathway, when SHOCK HORROR a group of 4 or 5 wild boar were coming along same said path in opposite direction some 20 metres away from us. My faithful friend our dog Sonny Jim, ran straight back to me for moral support - I stood...

    Wild Boar.

    Well here we are,Ceyn & I,sitting on our balcony overlooking the wild garden of our complex in front of us,when barely 4 minutes ago i heard a rustling in the bushes below. To my suprise ,two adult & three baby wild boar were snorting & grunting & wandering around in front of us.That's definatly...
  20. bobthenob

    Wild lmagination

    To have a wild imagination is one of the few gifts one cannot class as a disorder,since it brings a wealth of possibilities to discover the wonderful mysteries that is all around us and beyond. l have an extreme case on wild thinking that even my doctor said you are a lost case.l thought to...
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