1. Tenpin

    Turkey's top court says Wikipedia ban is violation of rights

    Turkey's top court says Wikipedia ban is violation of rights - Turkey News Turkey’s Constitutional Court ruled against the ban on access to Wikipedia, saying that it violates rights and freedoms. The decision was taken on Dec. 26 by the General Assembly of the Constitutional Court for...
  2. Kingfisher


    Not wanting to be hysterical but has anyone in Turkey tried to access Wikipedia?
  3. bickern

    The Wikipedia Begging Bowl

    Is Wikipedia peeing others off with their constant nagging for donations? It is starting to get annoying now, and my ad blocker does not help. Wiki is awash with money, even though it is supposed to be a non-profit organisation. It has surplus funds every year and it achieved those surplus funds...
  4. Jaycey


    Reuters: Russia plans alternative version of 'Wikipedia' ... “Russia plans to create its own "Wikipedia" to ensure its citizens have access to more "detailed and reliable" information about their country, the presidential library said on Friday. Citing Western threats, the Kremlin has...
  5. kemerkid


    No Wikipedia tomorrow, that’s going to cramp some peoples style.
  6. G

    The Turkish Language on WikiPedia

    Most features of the language are discussed on the following link:
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