1. S

    Wifi Side

    Hello all, I'm wondering if anyone is aware of the Government office in Manvagat by the main University? If so can you give me directions. Having had an apartment in Side for many years, we have always used a mobile wifi unit, pay as you go type of thing. This has been cut off and we've...
  2. S

    wifi no residency permit

    Hi, I have asked about internet before, but thought I would try again, We do not have residency permits yet, I just thought someone might know somebody that can set us up, thanks in advance, Scott
  3. hayabusa

    Mamaris WiFi.

    Does anyone know where Mamaris Wi-Fi have moved their shop/offices to ?..... They had an office / shop just around the corner from the Mosque in the market, but been there twice - it was locked. The guys name was Hakan Erdouglu. I don’t have his contact name. I have tried to e-mail him but he...
  4. juco


    My Wi-fi stopped working.
  5. E

    4 month unlimited wifi anywhere?

    Is there a way of getting a 4 month short term UNLIMITED wifi service in Turkey. The sim cards on offer are all very limited and expensive if wanting to stream TV programmes. Any suggestions?
  6. G

    Internal wifi

    Hi all,First post is about wifi within the house or rather lack of.With all the concrete and steel do you find any particular router or devices help as I was thinking of bringing one from the UK like a BT home hub but not sure how i'll set it up.What do you think?Thanks Glenn
  7. hayabusa

    Internet WiFi Sim Card.

    I need to get a new Sim Card for my Internet at my Villa in Koycegiz. Are they Sim Cards available that are on a monthly or yearly contract, and the payment can be made by direct debit from the bank ?....... Please advise.
  8. S

    Great wifi extender

    Meant to post this before and forgot about it In my new pad we had crappy problem that although we had a 12 download where the router sits, at the other end of our place the speed was terrible. Used a TP link extender and got the speed up to 4 HOWEVER I read about the BT Homespot and thought I...
  9. gally

    VINN WiFi in UK

    Anybody know if my Turkcell Vinn WiFi will work in the UK with a UK sim card in? Thanks
  10. S

    Wifi extender

    Just a quicky If you have a wifi extender and you want to add a second do you extend off the extender or do you start again with the wireless router? Cheers
  11. C


    Hi everyone, I am just introducing myself. My name is Carol and I am about to complete a purchase of a property in Çališ in April. The question I have is about wifi. I have looked at some threads here but they seem a little old. As initially I will be using the apartment as a holiday home and...
  12. gally

    Using a VPN with VINN WiFi

    Can anyone tell me if a VPN can be set up when using a VINN WiFi dongle? and if so, how? I specifically wanted to try my NowTV box in Turkey when I come out. I've used VPN's before with no probs on the laptop but I'm wondering if I can just use the NowTV box on its own hooked up by wifi to the...
  13. P

    Turkcell multi user wi-fi unit

    Hi Y'all I am heading into Turkcell in Marmaris when i am next over to buy a stand alone wi-fi unit. I understand that the data bought has a life limit and was wondering if anyone has an online link to allow me to buy more data or top up when not in Turkey to keep sim card live? Thanks in...
  14. E

    Didim Wifi update

    I signed up with DIDIM WIFI last summer and had them come and install their kit, it's been talked about a fair amount on here, so wanted to give an update. The router they supply is just about adequate, its an old Pirelli DRG A226G ADSL Modem/Router on which they modify one of the LAN ports to...
  15. D


    Was looking to enquire about getting wifi put in to our apartment in Mahmutlar and have it turned on for 6 months and turned off for the six months we are not there. Has anybody done this and where is the best place to go. Also any idea on prices?? Thanks Debbie
  16. gally

    VINN WiFi Top-up on line?

    Hi I guess this has been asked before but, specifically, has anyone managed to put 15Gb data onto a VINN WiFi dongle online via HSBC bank or the Turkcell website? I've checked the turkcell top-up page but there doesn't seem to be a 15Gb option? Thanks
  17. gally

    Help please - Turkcell WiFi VINN

    I have a single USB VINN which is fine for our internet in Turkey and last year I could stream catch-up TV straight onto my laptop without any major problems. I'd like to now buy a WiFi VINN so we can use multiple devices but my question is - Does anyone with one of these WiFi VINN's have any...
  18. A

    Best wifi / internet provider in Gumusluk

    We are looking for the best of the best internet providers in Gumusluk? We will need to doing Skype calls or VOIP calls and hope it will be good quality. Thankful for advice!
  19. M


    I have a question! This will prove beyond a doubt that I really am a numpty when it comes to computering! I have now got my tablet working (thanks to all who helped me on the other thread). But how do I get this to work anywhere other than in my house? I see all these places marked Free...
  20. suzyq

    Free Wi-Fi I. Ordu

    Wonderful The municipality of Ordu in Turkey’s northern coastal province has been providing residents with free Wi-Fi access for the past month, without any limit on data usage. In remarks made to Anadolu Agency on Nov. 11, Ordu Metropolitan Mayor Enver Yılmaz said the municipality put into...
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