1. Tony07

    Transfer deeds whilst alive to Wife.

    Question, will it cost me anything to transfer the Tapu to my Turkish wife whilst I am alive? I am British but have Turkish Citizenship. At present my Tapu is in my name only and when I die I want my wife to get our home not my children. Or, is there any other way I can make sure my Turkish...
  2. bickern

    Turkish man sues wife for battering him

    A Turkish man has filed a criminal complaint against his wife whom he accuses of beating him for having a cosmetic surgery. According to a report published by Sabah newspaper on Oct. 30, the 40-year-old man who works as a medical staffer at a hospital in Istanbul’s Zeytinburnu district has...
  3. bickern

    A jihadi wife rejected seven houses because they weren’t big enough

    One particular woman, who has rejected seven different houses because they weren’t big enough, or not in the right place, or something. This discerning, some might say ‘picky’, mother-of-two is suing Brent Council, in North-West London, for — yep, you guessed — breaching her yuman rites. On...
  4. christella

    My wife is so vain

    i treated my self to a personalised number plate yesterday C1 OAP so i thought i would treat the wife to D1 OAP so after i bought it on line i came down the stairs and said i have just treated you to a personalised car number for your car after telling her what the number was she went mad...
  5. teosgirl

    Izmir Pastor and wife held, awaiting deportation.

    Protestant pastor of ?zmir church faces deportation from Turkey - RELIGION So the list of people targeted by the government is growing - military personnel, police officers, judiciary employees, educators, journalists and media workers, opposition party members and now people from other faith...
  6. R

    Moving to Antakya with pregnant wife.

    Hello all, this is my first post here! I am an American who just received a job offer for a position with an American relief organization that I've been pursuing for almost a year. Normally I would just sign and go, but my wife and I recently found out that we are expecting our first child...
  7. B

    Rio Ferdinand's wife.

    Rio Ferdinand's wife Rebecca Ellison dies from cancer - BBC News This is very sad news. Bill.
  8. bickern

    The things a man will do for a wife, if given reason.

    Husband and wife were on safari: Wife- If that cheetah catches that deer and kills it, I’m going to be absolutely heartbroken. Husband- that's nature. Don't go against it. Cheetah has to kill it to eat and survive. Wife- do something. Husband - what can I do? Wife- if the deer dies I'll...
  9. K

    Looking for my wife's family in Izmir

    Hi guys, We are trying to locate my wife's family in Izmir. Her grandfather (deceased) is from Izmir but was born in Syria. A relative of my wife visited them seven years ago (but is refusing to disclose their information for some reason). Please advise us on the best way to do this as we...
  10. D

    squabble with my wife about vehicle import to Turkey

    İ have a UK paid occupational pension which to Turkey counts as a normal pension and i live here full time with a residents permit and i was squabbling with my wife about bringing in a motorbike from the uk.......she was reading that i had to pay the tax but i am sure because i am retire i am...
  11. bal canavar

    Your wife sister,mother,grandmother

    She was 64 most likely someone's sister ,mother maybe even grandmother who decided, with her husband to stand up and be counted. So she decided to join a protest over the damage she had seen happen to her city, with deforestation caused my mega projects. She joined a protest in Kadikoy and...
  12. bickern

    Chinese man sues his wife for being ugly, and the court AGREES

    Jian Feng was confused after his wife gave birth to an 'incredibly ugly' baby He accused her of cheating and she admitted to spending £62,000 on plastic surgery, he then claimed she got him to marry her under false pretenses. They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But for one man from...
  13. L

    Turkish man Divorce from British wife in UK?

    Hi , my boyfriend is trying to get his divorce from his wife in England , she said yes and now she said no and does not know where she lives in England as he lives in turkey and has done for the last 20 months , they have been married for 7 yrs but been living apart for 20 months . Can anyone...
  14. R

    Wife Giving Birth

    Hello! I am new to the site. I am from the states but my wife is a Turk. We have the state or national insurance from my employer. I am curious the cost of having a c-section in Turkey. We are in Adana and her doctor is Dr. Riza Taze from Medline Hospital. Any information of insight would be...
  15. arrian

    Man Assualts Wife With...............

    PENIS!!!!!!! i've put this in the padded room so you can make whatever comments you feel relevant! all i could think was 'how big is it?????!!!!!! lol Man jailed for five days for assaulting wife with his penis after she refused to have sex with him | Mail Online :boink: .
  16. SLEEPY

    Ugly wife

    Hmmm not sure if I will show this to the War Department .. will just leave the paper on the coffee table so she will find it herself alternatively I could take the a more direct approach and pin it to the fridge! ASIA - Chinese man who sued wife for being ugly awarded $120,000
  17. ria248

    What are my rights as a wife of a Turkish man?

    İ' married to a wonderful man. His family have welcomed me into the family, and they are really nice, genuine people. İ just want to know my rights, as we don't have any children together, (we are both in our 40's) but i have children from a previous marriage, to an English man, so ultimately i...
  18. bickern

    Man puts padlock over wife's vagina

    Man puts padlock over wife's vagina A padlock was recently discovered over an Indian woman’s vagina after she was brought to hospital following a suicide attempt, the Daily Mail has reported. The unnamed woman’s husband, who was identified as Chouhan, reportedly affixed the padlock to prevent...
  19. bickern

    Man kills wife for opening Facebook account

    A man in İstanbul reportedly killed his wife on Thursday during an argument over her opening a Facebook account. Sezer Yılmaz, 26, and his wife Beyza Yılmaz, 19, began to argue at their home in İstanbul’s Pendik district after he learned she had created a Facebook account. Sezer Yılmaz then...
  20. Firefox

    Cheating wife killer

    It seems honour killing is not only confined to the backwards cultures of Afghanistan, Pakistan and Kurdistan. It can take place in educated white affluent middle class British culture it seems honour is a deep feeling within a every human being and has no boundaries. Here Express.co.uk -...
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