1. ceemac

    Businessman faces Saudi court for transporting whiskey

    I wouldn't like to be in this guy's shoes... 'Saudi authorities will take a Turkish businessman to Shariah court after he was apprehended with a bottle of whisky at Medina airport, the businessman’s son said.' Here C
  2. F

    Ankara Whiskey

    Does anyone know if you can still buy Ankara Visky? The last time I saw it was before the privatisation of Tekel. We've been trying to find it for some time now, but with no success. All help grateful! Ps, I'm sorry if this is in the wrong section, I'm new to this, and not sure where to put it!
  3. shirleyanntr

    irish whiskey

    there was this English soldier that went to Ireland for a vacation because he knew he could get the best whiskey there. After having had "quite" a night of pubbing he found himself wandering along the side of an Irish road at a very early hour of the morning. Coming up the road was an Irish...
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