1. bal canavar

    Whirling Dervishes Festival

    Bit late with this, but can also be seen in Istanbul in certain venues (Link below) throughout the year, but the true festival every year in KONYA Whirling dervishes at the Rumi Festival in Konya 10th -17th every year . Since the death of Jalaluddin Rumi in 1273, the Mevlevi order has...
  2. Helenm150

    Whirling Dervishes performance in Bodrum?

    Hi all, has anyone seen posters for a Whirling Dervishes performance some time this month somewhere in Bodrum - I think I saw such a poster when I was on the bus but only got a brief glance - can't find anything on line - would probably be at the Antique Theatre in Bodrum? Helen :moony:
  3. Freedom 49

    Whirling Dervishes

    Celebrations this last saturday to celebrate the memory of Mevlana Celaleddin Rumi who died 738yrs ago on Dec. 17th. 1273. If ever you are in Konya, take time out to visit the Mevlana Museum and get an insight into the man responsible for the hypnotic 'Whirling Dervishes'. This building...
  4. Ms Who

    Whirling Dervis tonight

    Hi Guys, You may have read in Voices that there is a performance by the Whirling Dervis's tonight in Didim. Entrance is at 8pm and show starts at 9pm. Included in the price of the tickets is food, ice cream and candy floss etc.. Tickets are 60ytl BUT if we can get a group of 10 together, we...
  5. Y

    Whirling Dervish Performance

    The Dervish Performance is in sport center in Dalaman today, 26.09.2008. Is is yellow building on Airport road just before Jandarma. I wish You Enjoy it.
  6. J

    Whirling Dervish performance

    Just a bit of a moan really, we were really looking forward to seeing The Dervish performance at the park, but it was cancelled due to weather. Unknown to us, we are English, it was held at the Police station, which is right by were we are staying. This is a once in a life time experience for...
  7. C

    Turkish whirling dervish dances on UNESCO's list of heritage masterpieces

    Japanese kabuki theater and whirling dervish ceremonies from Turkey were named on Friday in the United Nations cultural organization's list of the world's intangible heritage treasures. The two traditions were among 43 arts, rituals, festivals and other ceremonies added to the list. Others...
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