1. Tony07

    Transfer deeds whilst alive to Wife.

    Question, will it cost me anything to transfer the Tapu to my Turkish wife whilst I am alive? I am British but have Turkish Citizenship. At present my Tapu is in my name only and when I die I want my wife to get our home not my children. Or, is there any other way I can make sure my Turkish...
  2. suzyq

    Man fined for dancing whilst driving

    The driver decides whilst driving down an Istanbul highway to get up and dance whilst the minibus is moving. Encouraged by a passenger he then does it again! VIDEO: Man fined for dancing while driving - CRIME
  3. K

    Being Passport less in Turkey? Renewing passport whilst on Tourist Visa!!

    Does anyone have any knowledge or advice on this. I have somewhere to stay for a few months in Turkey over Nov & Dec and i was planing to use this time to renew my UK red passport from abroad instead of returning to the UK. The application requires you to send your current Passport with it and...
  4. J

    E-Visa whilst Ikamet Valid??

    I have a strange scenario here and wonder if anyone can advise. I rent my home from an English man. My Ikamet is due for renewal at the end of september. I believe now, that my rental contract is required to be notarised for the purpose of the ikamet, however, my Landlord seems to have...
  5. Mary

    PTT Opening whilst Byram

    Hi can anyone tell me please are the post offices PTT open during Byram or when are they open after I know about the banks due to Chrisbobs thanks.
  6. N

    Renewing your passport whilst in turkey

    Just wondering if anyone can give me any information on renewing a british passport whilst in turkey. Many thanks
  7. teosgirl

    woman buried alive by property developers whilst defending her home

    How sick is this?! China: 70-Year-Old Grandmother Beaten & Buried Alive By Property Developers Trying To Take Her Land | World News | Sky News What a horrific way to die :27: Charlotte
  8. R

    Adding free kontors whilst in the UK

    I know I can add free kontors to my Turkish phone by texting xx (where xx is the number of kontours I wish to add from my free bank of kontors, currently at 170) and texting it to 2255. Can I do this while in the UK (my phone is on roaming)? Obviously the normal text number will not work in the...
  9. F

    Selling of apartment whilst in England

    I have unfortunately got to go back to England asap due to health reasons, after living here for only 6 months. I need to sell my apartment but do not know how to. If I put it up for sale with an agent how can they sell it if I am in England? Will I have to come back if they find a buyer? Can...
  10. ceemac

    Whilst we're on the subject....

    Okay, I know you're all fed up with the subject of spelling etc, but me being the saddo I am have collated a few funny (in my opinion), TLF thread titles over the past few months. These are not meant to embarrass anyone, some are just typo's, they're just a lighthearted look at a current...
  11. lorraine

    Whilst the man sleeps....

    Gordon at his best, sleeping is his hobby but in truth I think he is a vampire, only comes to life after dark!! Will he love me for this!!!
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