1. IbrahimAbi

    Honey I bought some new wheels...

    For our honeymoon:- Bridegroom?s homemade limousine meets dead end
  2. arrian

    meals on wheels!!

    one council is using roller skates to make sure the elderly don't go hungry during a petrol strike! Get your skates on! How one parish council plans to tackle the fuel crisis - Yahoo! News UK
  3. suzyq

    The wheels of justice grind slowly but still grind

    It is not unusual to hear stories of scams that foreigners, particularly British citizens in Turkey, have experienced. According to Wikipedia, about 30,000 British citizens live in Turkey. Thousands more travel to Turkey for a holiday on the beach or to cruise the Mediterranean in their yachts...
  4. v6cod

    The Wheels of Life

  5. N

    Meals on wheels

    Meals on wheels ( curries to your door!) Had a few friends round for a curry and a beer the other night and someone suggested that because my curries were so nice, would it be possible for me to make-up single portions for them to buy for when they were craving a curry and didnt want the hassle...
  6. K

    Desperately seeking wheels

    I am looking for a cheap little run around, if anyone knows anyone selling a car in Fethiye please let me know. I have a budget of around 15,000YTL and am so desperate to be mobile again i will consider anything though ideally i was thinking Palio or something similar. Getting Hubby to go car...
  7. jonnydiamond

    Keeping 'wheels' in Turkey

    Yo forum folks. Have just bagged a bolt hole in Akbuk...and a very nice place it is indeed! Before I embark on hours of research I thought I might run a query past you guys. I have a car which 'aint doing much in the UK and was contemplating the notion of berthing it in Akbuk. The plan is to...
  8. merlin

    Have wheels and see Turkey....

    Eventually, once you have settled in your new home, you may want to consider purchasing a car so you can get out of the main town and explore other parts of Turkey. A car purchase would most likely be the second largest investment you make next to your house, so a little bit of planning is...
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