1. M

    Wheelchair accessible rental for April or May Akbuk

    Has anyone got a sort of ground floor apartment, villa, bungalow which is accessible for a wheelchair user, level access shower area, ground floor bedroom. Preferably Akbuk area for a couple of weeks in April or May 2018 thanks
  2. W

    Wheelchair friendly transfers

    Does anybody know of a company that has vehicles equipped to carry wheelchairs?The person it is required for would have to remain in the wheelchair throughout the journey,as it is nigh on impossible to get him to sit on a regular seat in the vehicle.We have found a villa suitable for him and a...
  3. M


    does anyone know where in didim vicinity I can repair/replace a small wheel ,the size of a pram wheel on a wheelchair. tried orthopedic shop near the hospital as well as pram shops and bicycle shops. Got no joy out of them
  4. J

    Wheelchair / Mobility Scooter Hire

    Hi there , does anyone know or have any info of anyone in Datca that hires out wheelchairs / mobility scooters . Would appreciate any feedback , Thanks.
  5. Spurs

    Wheelchair needed

    Has anyone got a wheelchair that can be loaned/hired for the next 6 weeks? Some friends have come out (Brits) the woman has took a tumble but cannot get/find a wheelchair, can collect & will put a deposit down. Altinkum,Akbuk,Mavishar URGENT
  6. B

    WANTED: wheelchair

    Does anyone in the didim, akbuk or surrounding areas have a light frame wheelchair, crutches or a zimmer frame type for sale ? or that they no longer need or we could borrow for a couple weeks ? Thanks
  7. O

    Wheelchair Hire

    Does anyone know if there is somewhere to hire wheelchairs from?? In akbuk or didim area! Cheers!
  8. raven

    Disabled boy barred from easyJet flight because crew said his wheelchair was too heav

    This is just disgraceful there was no thought our compassion from easyjet. I so fed up of here pathetic excuses from companies about H&S. 90kg is lighter than some peoples luggage plus their duty free. Disabled boy barred from easyJet flight because crew said his wheelchair was too heavy |...
  9. P

    where can I rent a wheelchair in Fethiye?

    A friend with a disabled adult son is coming to stay in Fethiye early April. Does anyone know a place I could hire a wheelchair for this period? thanks
  10. K

    Gumusluk wheelchair

    HI all, If any needs the use of a wheelchair in or around Gumusluk, we have one at opus, bought last year for Kens mum and only used a few times, so if any ones needs a loan get in touch, no charge just leave something for the street dogs, Jim:tigger:
  11. J


    Is there anywhere in Yali where I can hire a wheelchair?
  12. elaine k

    dalyan holiday

    Back from having a lovely time in Dalyan. Exceptionally hot there, with the temperature being coolest from 7.30 pm to 9.30 pm, after which the the temperature began to rise again. Did a few different things while there, booked two trips with coop for midnight bbq and ekincik caves. they then...
  13. T

    Hiring a wheelchair

    Does anyone know if it is possible to hire a wheelchair from somewhere in or around the Dalaman region please.
  14. A

    electric wheelchair wanted

    hi everyone as a former preschool teacher here in uk i have been in touch with aysel offering help and support in any way i can. She is looking for an electric wheelchair suitable for a 14 year old boy at the moment he does not go out at all and she is wondering if i can help her. we are going...
  15. shazyboy

    wheelchair rental in Altinkum

    i will be coming out to altinkum this coming Monday.I would like to know if i can rent a wheelchair for a week as my mum will be coming with me and she can't walk long distance due to her health.If so, where can i rent it from and how much would it cost? I believe i have no choice other than to...
  16. SonnyJim


    Hi! My mother-in-law is visiting us in Datca late May. She has recently had a fall and her mobility is limited. Does anyone have any idea where we could borrow or hire a wheelchair from??!!


    Can anyone tell me if there is somewhere in this area where we can hire a wheelchair. We are holidaying in Fethiye in June, i know it's a long shot but if you don't ask you don't get. Cheers, Jeannie :hmm:
  18. luckycat68

    Wheelchair Wanted

    My friend is coming to Yalikavak who is slightly disabled and I wondered if anyone knows where I can hire a wheelchair for 2 weeks in June Help would be much appreciated Thanks SUE
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