1. Peaceplant

    Wheat Belly

    I recently had a food intolerance test and found out wheat is a no-no for me. yikes - no bread, cakes, pastry, Weetabix, Allbran...the list is endless. So I eliminated wheat and within days felt brighter and more energetic. But also found that weight dropped off. I have lost 9lb in 2 weeks...
  2. LyndaW

    Bulgar wheat

    Not sure what it is called but its fine bulgar mixed with biber and then you wrap it in lettuce. I realy love this and wondered if anyone has the basic recipie lynda
  3. bickern

    Turkey to import 330,000 tons of duty-free EU wheat

    Turkey’s grain board will allow private companies to import 330,000 metric tons of duty-free European Union wheat this year as part of measures to ease price swings in the domestic market. Turkey to import 330,000 tons of duty-free EU wheat - Hurriyet Daily News and Economic Review So if the...
  4. Andy

    Wheat & Gluton Free

    The question of where can i buy Wheat & Gluton Free products has cropped up quite a few times over the years. I have just seen a programme where a company specialises in these products, they are called Mrs Crimbles and here is there website. Gluten Free Food and Gluten Free Bread from Mrs...
  5. R

    Medical question - wheat allergy

    I have a friend who is coming to Turkey on holiday but she has a wheat allergy. I have tried to find the Turkish language expression for: 'Gluten Free' so that she can eat safely, but I've had no luck so far. Can anyone help please?
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