1. christella

    fire west london

    block of flats hundreds of people trapped in fire see sky news
  2. IbrahimAbi

    Earthquake off coast of north west Turkey

    A strong magnitude 6.3 earthquake off the western coast of Turkey and between the Greek islands of Lesbos and Chinos shook buildings from the Aegean Turkish province of Izmir to the Greek capital of Athens. The epicentre of the quake was about 84 km (52 miles) northwest of the Turkish coastal...
  3. Mushtaq

    85 percent of Turkey’s foreign investors still from West

    Despite increased recent attention to relations with Gulf partners such as Qatar, Turkey remains overwhelmingly dependent on Western sources for foreign direct investment (FDI), according to data from the Central Bank. Data shows that 85 percent of FDI came from the EU, other European countries...
  4. Yalides

    The West country

  5. kemerkid

    Turkey shoots down Russian fighter jet on Syrian border

    Turkey has this morning reportedly shot down Russian war plane over an area which is yet to be determined. Turkey with it's growing number of enemies is heading down a bottonless pit. Its two governments, AKP and the Presidents office is Hell bent on suicide.
  6. W

    What should the west do in the middle east

    I have started this thread as I do not wish to hi-jack or encouurage digression from the Migrant Quota thread. The Muslim world has a deep resentment of US and Western troops being in Muslim countries as we all know. The claim of the US being in Iraq and Afghanistan etc is to protect Muslims...
  7. Jaycey

    Islamisation of Paris – a warning to the West

  8. bickern

    RTE accuses 'the West' of being behind Charlie Hebdo attacks

    The President of Turkey has suggested French security forces are to blame for the deadly terrorist attacks in Paris last week, since the culprits had recently served prison sentences. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan accused the West of 'playing games with the Islamic world', warning fellow Muslims to be...
  9. juco

    West Midlands police V CPS

    Now lets see who sues who for wasting police time....
  10. L

    West Ada Inn Hotel

    I have booked this hotel for a birthday trip for a friend, it has good write ups on the holiday forums, but does anyone know of this hotel and is it easy to get about from here. I understand the dolmus stops outside, does anyone know what number dolmus it is? Any information would be...
  11. A

    West will pay for 'supporting Al Qaeda' - Assad

    Syrian President Bashar Assad has cautioned in a TV interview that the West will pay a heavy price for allegedly helping Al Qaeda extremists in the country’s two-year uprising, adding that the government’s defeat is out of the question. In the statement that was made on Wednesday to state...
  12. B

    New City on West Bank.

    Israel 'developing new city in West Bank' - Telegraph I can't see this move helping to bring peace to the area. Bill.
  13. Yalides

    Gordon West dead

    See Everton Goalie Gordon West died a few days ago. One of the best Keepers of his era.
  14. A

    Al-Qaeda and West in cahoots in Syria

    The leader of Al-Qaeda has voiced his support for the Syrian uprising. He called on Muslims to join the opposition in Syria in their drive to oust President Bashar Assad. In an eight-minute video address posted on Sunday on a jihadist website, Ayman al-Zawahri called on Muslims in Turkey, Iraq...
  15. Firefox

    China or the west Turkey must decide

    With all the negative news Turkey receives from France, Germany and the USa. It has to make a stance. Are we to follow the Chinese trial of Industry and integrity.?? Are we to go with the West and the Usa?? China and Turkey ? building a new Silk Road together - China.org.cn
  16. HelenSnowball

    West of Ireland

    Hi Everyone, I know there are many members on the TLF from Ireland, so I wondered if you had any suggestions on where is good to visit. I will be in County Mayo from Saturday for a week. We are hiring a car, so travelling is no problem, I would like to go to Dublin but think its a long drive...
  17. millilove76

    Fred and Rose West Drama

    There is a two part TV drama starting this evening at 9pm on ITV. Its called Appropriate Adult and is based on the story of Janet Leach, the women who was Fred Wests Appropriate adult during interviews. I met Fred briefly in 1994, i have no doubt that he was a very evil man, although he came...
  18. shirleyanntr

    beaches from East to West

    Alanya city has extensive beaches on either side of the peninsula and the suburbs have some of the best yet least advertised in Turkey. Okcullar İncekum Avsallar Payallar Türkler Konaklı all have decent facilites..some have better quality sand than others and some like avsallar/İncekum can...
  19. Yogi

    O'Neill for West Ham

    Apparently, MON is been lined up to beconme the new West Ham boss. Avram Grant will be sacked after the Arsenal game tonight. If this is true then it's a bit of a coup for West Ham. MON to become new West Ham boss
  20. L

    Easyjet flights 2011 from the North West

    Easyjet Flights Does anyone have any idea of approximately when Easyjet will be advertising their summer 2011 flights please? Thanks
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