1. M

    welsh win

    Did anyone see Wales win the rbs championship yesterday .....
  2. teosgirl

    Welsh holiday maker sacked

    Welsh holidaymaker who was hailed a hero for wrestling a shark away from children on Australian beach is SACKED after returning to UK - because he was on sick leave | Mail Online I'm surprised by the comments under the article in support of this man and his wife. I wonder if people would be...
  3. pepperkat

    Remake films with welsh slant

    Now that Anthony Hopkins, and Catherine Zeta Jones have become established Hollywood superstars, the film industry have decided to use them in remakes of old films with a Welsh slant An American Werewolf in Powys The Magnificent Severn The Wizard of Oswestry Trefforest Gump Dai Hard Cool Hand...
  4. ted j

    Our beautiful Welsh Grandaughter

    Our daughter , Tracy, made us grandparents just before midnight last night She wasn't due until tomorrow, but yesterday morning, her waters broke, so we dashed up to Chester We went with her to Chester hospital where she had tests and baby's heartbeat checked and was told to go back home, and if...
  5. Firebrand

    Welsh miners trapped

    Miners trapped underground in south Wales coalmine | UK news | guardian.co.uk Four miners are trapped 90 metres down near Swansea. I wonder how safe privatised mines are?
  6. Yogi

    Welsh fan killed at England game

    This is bad and if proved will probably mean some form of sanctions against Welsh football. Rumours are saying this was inter-club rivalry between Cardiff City and Swansea City supporters, all those involved were Welsh alledgedly. As far as I know these are just rumours, nothing has been...
  7. mollag

    Welsh Film industry

    Now that Catherine Zeta-Jones-Douglas and Anthony Hopkins have become firmly established in Hollywood, and Charlotte Church is a well-known celebrity slapper in the UK, the Welsh film industry is to receive additional funding to step up production. They are going to remake many well known...
  8. alison09400

    Welsh Teacher Attacked In Altinkum Shopping Centre

    Well we've had the english and the irish in the news this week so it's now time for the welsh... teacher used karate to fight off crazed gang of traders in turkish shopping centre Interesting comments underneath this article. :mmph:
  9. jcrian

    Welsh Snow....

    Now that it has finished snowing (hope) I took my camera outside.
  10. gater5050

    any other welsh in altinkum

    Are there any other welsh members in the forum who have places here in altinkum - we are from newport thanks mark & ann
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