1. B

    Rental wanted from 27th March 2020 for 2/3 weeks

    Hi There I'm looking for accommodation to rent for at least a couple of weeks whilst I apply for residency and also look for more permanent accommodation. The accomaodation would need to be dog friendly ( I have a 5 year old cocker spaniel ) I arrive in Turkey from the 27th March. Any help would...
  2. T

    Weather for next 2 weeks

    Yes, sorry for another weather thread but just wondering what the weather forecast is for the next 2 weeks. Looking on various weather web sites they are varying from wall-to-wall sunshine (I hope so) to frequent thunderstorms and rain. Can anyone please clarify as to what the local weather...
  3. teosgirl

    This weeks persecutions...

    Prosecutor summons Turkish journalist over Erdo?an ?insult? - LOCAL Former Miss Turkey faces prison for ?insulting? President Erdo?an - LOCAL 13-year-old taken from classroom to testify over Facebook post ?insulting? Erdo?an And the lesson is? Don't insult the sultan; he doesn't like it and...
  4. N

    Alanya in 3 Weeks

    I'm planning to go to alanya in 3 weeks. Where do you guys find last minute flights or cheap hotels for turkey?
  5. B

    residency running out 4 weeks before return to uk

    HI, Apologies in advance if this has been answered elsewhere, but I have searched. A friend is returning to UK end of Sept and not returning untill next April. The problem is he doesn't want to renew his residency with the added expense of health insurance, his residency runs out the end of...
  6. RustyDalyan

    Temporary internet access, 2 weeks in Turkey

    Hello, I will be staying in an apartment with no internet. I have a strange iPhone that doesn't work for calls or texts in the UK but as soon as I get to Turkey it decides to work - with a variety different O2 sim cards. Conversely my ancient Nokia (pre-1G probably, so old), which works...
  7. B

    Best place to Hire 4x4 in Fethiye?

    Arriving in 10 days in fethiye,booked at yacht hotel,looking to hire all terrain vehicle,until I purchase my own, can anyone recommened some one honest and reliable to hire from,who also speaks English and doesn't rip you off. Also would be greatful to know of costings. Thank you all help...
  8. B

    Looking for a reliable 4x4 in next few weeks

    Hello you lucky people, I was wondering if anyone could help. I am moving to Uzumlu in next few weeks.Where I am going to reside is on the top of the mountain. I would need to buy a 4x4,and I don't speak the lingo yet,do you know anyone who I could hire for a day to translate,for me,in order to...
  9. Carolyn

    Woman missing from hospital room found dead two weeks later in stairwell

    A tragic discovery in a San Francisco hospital BBC News - Missing UK woman found dead in US hospital stairwell
  10. Carolyn

    Madeleine McCann seen alive weeks ago

    New Madeleine McCann sensation: Witness tells barrister he saw girl ALIVE just weeks ago 6 Oct 2013 00:00 In a sensational development, he said he was stunned when the man confessed he had met the girl on a *Mediterranean island I don't know why the man who claims he saw Maddy didn't report his...
  11. B

    use of a Bicycle for 4 weeks from this weekend

    I wonder if anyone could loan me use of a bicycle from this weekend, alternatively I would be happy to buy a Bike and sell it at the end of my holiday at the end of October
  12. O

    Planing to go in two weeks :)

    Hi guys, i will be there (DALYAN-MUGLA) in two weeks, planing to spend this winter and next summer there :) See u everyone :)
  13. P

    rental for 2 weeks akbuk

    hello looking to rent a 2/3 bedroom place in akbuk end of july 1st week aug for 3 my other 2 kids could be coming not sure price about 250 a week any offer> ta
  14. J

    Holiday rental req marmaris 25th may 2013 for 3 weeks

    Hi I am looking for a luxury one bed apt to rent in Marmaris arriving 25th May 2013 for 3 weeks . 2 Adults, no kids, non smokers. Must be decent and clean. Also car hire advice on renting from Dalaman airport Thanking you in advance Jayne xxx
  15. suzyq

    Why I'm convinced Israel will bomb Iran in weeks

    For months there have been international discussions about the threat a nuclear Iran would present - most notably to its avowed enemy, Israel, which Iran has vowed to 'erase from the map'. Aggressive, war-mongering rhetoric has been bubbling in Israel as a result. And seeing no signs that...
  16. gizmo

    Rental in Mahmutlar-2 weeks

    Looking for a holiday rental for two weeks from 10 June - 24th June in Mahmutlar. Anywhere near the Happy Elegance would be great but as long as it is central. Two weeks if possible. Please advise Thanks - Gizzo
  17. D

    Cappadocia in 3 weeks!

    Well, off to Cappadocia in only 3 weeks, flights, hotel and balloon flight all booked. Just wondered if anyone who has been has advice on the best way to see the underground cities etc. Is it possible to do the sightseeing without taking an organised tour? It seems that the tours do the...
  18. I

    Emininou to be closed off for 3 weeks

    This is for the James Bond movie shooting. I knew they were planning to do that but it's a long time and one of the main tourist areas here (it includes the Spice Market for example). They are due to start on April 16th according to HDN. I think it's too long to shut the whole area off. Most...
  19. M

    4 weeks to go

    hi guys and girls , well nicky and i are back in 4 weeks time and we cant wait, we always find hidden gems everytime we come to the area and with new places opening up the time in dalaman , dalyan etc , is there any new places restaurants etc opened up in the new year x
  20. Sunny Seasider

    It's only Nine Weeks!!!

    I cannot believe how quick the weeks are flying by, but it's 9 weeks until Christmas!!! It's half term next week, (the clocks go back)Halloween, then Bonfire Night, and then down to the spirit that is Christmas. Are you bothering just yet to prepare? Me all I have done is make a batch of Spicy...
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