1. D

    This Weekend.

    BREAKING NEWS :- The Liverpool manager has Resigned...! He's taking his Family home to Germany. YEP.. You Guessed It..?? The Klopp's, GO BACK this Weekend....! :)
  2. S

    Plans for the weekend

    Anyone got anything exciting lined up for the weekend? Go on, go on ask me!!!
  3. B

    Fun events being held this weekend

    I saw this info on other media platform, hope it's useful: Russian organisers are showing photos in an exhibition at Spektr Hotel tomorrrow (road past Yalikavak bus station, 1 mile onwards, watch for sign as you climb the hill towards Gerish). Gusto restaurant (Gerish Alte) is having an all...
  4. A

    Clocks Change Next Weekend

    It is Good Friday this coming Friday and then of course Easter Sunday next Sunday - so the clocks will be changing - just a reminder.:frog::frog: Sunday, 27 March 2016, 01:00:00 clocks are turned forward 1 hour to Sunday, 27 March 2016, 02:00:00 local daylight time instead
  5. R

    weekend trip

    Just introducing myself, my wife and I have had a villa in Gundogan for 10 years and love Turkey. We are now spending 5 or 6 weeks at a time here twice a year and want to start seeing some more of Turkey. We are hiring a car to go up to see Epheus this weekend with a night stop over somewhere...
  6. Peter&Janette

    It's Friday, the weekend starts here!

    Beautiful drive into work this morning. Glorious sunshine and the countryside looking like "this other Eden, demi paradise". Listening to a bit of Northern, ( Hoagy Lands, "The Next In Line" what a tune!) looking at the shades of green passing by, looking forward to the weekend. Even forgot...
  7. kemerkid

    Long weekend in Istanbul.

    Saturday night I jumped a late flight from Bodrum to Istanbul to join my wife who has been up here for a week already and got to the house about midnight. The reason for the visit was to meet up with her brother who is on a one week visit from the States. Sunday morning we drove down to Kadikoy...
  8. A

    Clocks Change This Weekend

    Don,t forget to change the clocks on Saturday night/Sunday morning - they go back one hour - :animation

    Anything for the weekend sir?

    Its been quite some time since I did a little tour of the those wicked public houses in Yali. So tonight I think I may have a lick of warm water (thanks again KK) put on my drinking gear and head in to see whats going on. That will be the sum of my week end excitement can any one top that?
  10. B

    Sophie's Bank Holiday weekend ''Party Night buffet'' and ''Birthday Celebration''

    Just seen this on Facebook............Sofi's restaurant is having a ''Welcome to Summer 2014'' Bank Holiday Extravaganza on Saturday, 24th May, at 7.30pm. All are welcome: Come in and join the party and have lots of fun with the staff. Please book your table in advance, 40tl per person = Hot &...
  11. T

    Something for the weekend sir

    It occurs every 823 years so you may not ever see it again August this year has 5 Fridays 5 Saturdays 5 Sundays The Chinese call it "Silver pockets Full" Summer days and 5 August weekends!!
  12. J

    silent weekend

    BBC Sport - 'Silent Weekend' initiative aims to improve adult behaviour I was a youth RL coach for many years and agree 100 percent with this - I remember playing as a youth rugby player in the late 60s early 70s and I only remember encouragement from the opposition touchline, and pitches...
  13. B

    Free Books Weekend

    Hello again. For those of you who missed my last free weekend - here is your last chance to get a free copy of 'Tales of the South Atlantic' which actually reached the top of a couple Amazon.com bestseller lists in September. If your browser prevents you getting it at amazon.co.uk try amazon.com...
  14. B

    use of a Bicycle for 4 weeks from this weekend

    I wonder if anyone could loan me use of a bicycle from this weekend, alternatively I would be happy to buy a Bike and sell it at the end of my holiday at the end of October
  15. Freedom 49

    Not a good weekend.

    Traveling Wilburys - End Of The Line - YouTube After a lousy Sunday, I just needed something I could relate to. It's all in the words but with half this band now gone, it makes me realise yet again that Life, really is Too Short!!
  16. pineapple1

    Flood Alerts uk this weekend

    Ever since they said we had a draught and hosepipe ban its not stopped raining for more than a day or two ...Floods everywere . And a lot more for this weekend .. I've put this here for folk on holiday who may want to tell family and friends to move thier stuff upstairs ...Its going to be quite...
  17. B

    Armed Forces weekend

    What a great weekend for our Armed Forces, the unveiling of the Memorial to the veterans of Bomber Command, Armed Forces Day, and the most seriously wounded surviving soldier who served in Afghanistan managing to carry the Olympic Torch. A very moving and touching weekend all round. My thanks...
  18. perfect1949

    the magic weekend at the Etihad stadium

    went to the magic weekend rugby league festival yesterday , what a fantastic day out . 63 thousand people attended the two days . apart from the rugby it was a carnival atmosphere with a stage set outside for singers and bands to entertain everyone , the only fault on the day that lasted 8...
  19. D

    Weekend in Bodrum

    I'm going to Bodrum next weekend for the first time. We're thinking booking the Sevin Pansiyon, does anyone know it? Or can recommend an ok place to stay - doesn't need to be fancy, just clean and central and not noisy. What can we do there? I know about the castle. Any nice walks or...
  20. Lillylilly

    Northern soul ai weekend - may 4/5

    A date and note for your diaries if you like Northern Soul or want a good weekend at a lovely All Inclusive hotel. My friend has asked me to post details. It will be held on Friday and Saturday 4th/5th May at the Venosa Hotel, Yesilkent AI price of hotel will be £26.00 pppn and £20 entrance...
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