1. L

    Weed puller

    Has anyone seen a Fiskers Weed Puller tool in either bamax or Koctas. They are advertised on UK tv and they look really good but are much too heavy to bring over.
  2. H

    Weed burners in Turkey

    Hi, does anybody know if it is possible to buy weed burners in Turkey. I tried Google - searched for "ot brülör" (Google translation and probably something completely else :) ) and did not get anything relevant back... We have a large garden with stone areas and weeds are taking over... Any...
  3. M

    Weed spraying

    Can anyone recommend a company who does commercial weed spraying?
  4. yalimart

    Weed Control Fabric

    Hi there Just been thinking about my garden and how best to keep it easy in my absence !! is Weed Control Fabric/Landscaping Fabric readily available. I have visted Koctas many times as well as Onderler and Teksen ( all on the Bodrum Penninsula ) :Flower::Flower::Flower:but have never seen it...
  5. v6cod

    Weed killer

    Is there anything better than Roundup available locally for killing off what looks like grass that is coming up through a membrane. I am talking about the stuff that starts its growth off as a sharp point and has a thick white root system that is next to impossible to remove as if a small bit...
  6. Smiler

    Weed & feed

    Does anyone know if you can, in Turkey, purchase "Weed and Feed" for the garden, in the granuale form as we know it? If so, can you tell me what it is called please? Thanks!!
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