1. Freedom 49

    Wednesday Night is Quiz-Night!

    Hi, Just a quick one. Every Wednesday evening we have a Quiz-Night at The Flying Horse which is always enjoyable albeit various degrees of difficulty :confused: depending on our Quiz Master at the time. We have 6 or 7 different Quizmasters now, working on a rota, all with their own ways of...
  2. H

    I went to the dentist on Wednesday

    I have been going to my U.K. dentist for years now. On Wednesday it was found that I had an infection. She wrote me out a prescription for some antibiotics. Guess how much she charged me for just writing it out ??? A whooping £25.00 !! I shall be looking for another dentist because in my...
  3. S

    Boring Wednesday

    Anyone got any exciting news All a bit boring in here and over the road has reverted to the usual subject. Come on, excite me!!
  4. yalimart

    Fat cat Wednesday

    Surely they deserve it ? 'Fat cat Wednesday' for executives - BT The government has also announced further measures to relieve the financial pressure on the needy, they are looking to reduce their tax rate down from 45% to 40%. Martin
  5. D

    Be Careful Everyone....We were burgled on Wednesday night

    No point droaning on about it but we were whilst out having a meal in the evening and it was awful coming back to an upside down place with our stuff stolen so be careful they are watching. In retrospect we became complacent and didnt lock every additional security window lock when we went out...
  6. J

    where has the wednesday night quiz gone?

    Could anyone tell me where the wednesday night quiz that was in the fox gardens with Ken has gone? Anyone know where ken is working now. thanks
  7. lara

    Sheffield Wednesday's New Signing:)

    I've just spent ten days in Marmaris with my daughter, her husband, kids, my niece and some friends of my daughter...............Clampits on vacation, I kid you not. Had a great time, we returned on Tuesday in time for my grandson Leojo to play for place with Sheffield Wednesdays Young Owls...
  8. lara

    Sheffield Wednesday Takeover

    Mandaric To Take ControlSheffield Wednesday have confirmed that the club is to be sold to Leicester City chairman Milan Mandaric. The club announced today the proposal to sell the club to Mandaric’s UK Football Investments subject to ratification at an Extraordinary General Meeting of the...
  9. Gill

    Bayram -Is the market on Wednesday?

    Because of Bayram will the market be on Wednesday rather than on Thursday this week? Are the banks etc shut from lunch time tomorrow, the 8th? Thanks
  10. jaimie

    Burglaries today Wednesday 25 August

    Hi Everyone, Please be advised burglars are back in the Akbuk area. My house opposite the summer breeze apartments was burglarized this morning at about 05:30 hrs, my friend who was staying in the villa was woken up by what turned out to be two guys taking the patio doors off the hinges, he...
  11. D

    Beatles Night at Cafe Karadut (Gumusluk) on Wednesday 14th July 2010

    At 20:30 on Wednesday 14th July there will be a Beatles night in the lovely gardens of café Karadut, live music, free entrance. Cafe Karadut is located behind the mosque in Gumusluk All welcome, please join us.
  12. S

    Kos Ferry from Bodrum cancelled Wednesday 02/12

    I have had a call from Love Tours this afternoon and they have informed me that tomorrows ferry will be cancelled due to bad weather. There is an 80% chance that it will go on Friday. So if you or any of your friends are planning on going over tomorrow, think again and try for the Friday one.
  13. R

    Dalyan Festival last Wednesday

    Did anyone else go to the Dalyan Festival on the 1st July? There was some great Turkish dancers male and female and some singers that had come for the event. Overall it was a great atmosphere and all the seats were taken so many had to stand. Richnkim
  14. R

    Quiz Night Wednesday 11th March 2009

    Next Quiz night 1th March 2009, Ismails Bar, Airport Road, (opposite Dalaman Park Hotel), 1930 for 2000 start. Maximum team size 4. Everyone welcome, this is a social event, no money required for entry, the purchase of drink and /or food is not compulsory. A small prize is donated by Ismail to...
  15. R

    Market on wednesday?

    We know that Fethiye market is on Tuesday. Does anyone know if theres a market in this area on a Wednesday? :hmm: Any help would be appreciated. Richnkim
  16. G

    Altinkum Wednesday 29

    I am going to go up to Altinkum/Akbuk on Wednesday 29th just for the night with two of my friends. Is anyone around and if so do you fancy meeting for a drink. I fly out on Monday, well might fly out Monday, still haven't got tickets[:p]:D We could maybe meet up in Marc and Mushtaq's place[^]
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