1. Camden

    Wedding Tragedy

    I thought they had banned this "Maganda man" tradition of firing guns in the air at weddings and celebrations ? so dangerous as seen...... A disaster celebration that will live in the families memory 2 lost sons and one grieving bride.... One dead brother, the other imprisoned both in the...
  2. Camden

    Nice Wedding Token

    German born Turkish footballer Mesut Özil of Arsenal married Miss Turkey and as a Muslim wedding token paid the medical bills of 1000 Turkish kids and a donation to the red crescent to pay for 16,000 homeless to be fed ...... good to see all footballers aren't all ego........ good cause...... ‏
  3. Akasya

    Royal Wedding free Zone

    Royal Wedding free zone , please . BBC weather today , where from ? " The royal Yacht Britannia " Another attack of the vapours for the blue rinse brigade . Three hurrahs . Steve
  4. R

    Wedding ribbon

    Hi Does someone know where i can buy the red ribbon you wear when you get married for the money pinning ceremony preferably in turgutries Thanks
  5. R

    Kurdish wedding

    Hi Can someone please tell what finger a kurdish man wears his wedding ring on
  6. D

    Royal Wedding Jokes.

    BBC Breaking News - A Buckingham Palace spokesman has revealed that Prince Harry doesn't want the usual Fruitcake at his Wedding. Prince Philip said he doesn't care, he is still gonna go anyway.
  7. D

    WANTED - Wedding Jokes.

    Hi All. This is NOT A JOKE, But I am in need of a few, clean, funny Wedding Jokes. In 3 weeks time I am lucky enough to be Giving Away my Daughter. So as Father of the Bride I am expected to give a Speech. But with all the Jokes I know. I honestly can't think of any suitable Jokes for this...
  8. B

    Wedding Anniversary.

    June and myself are celebrating our Wedding Anniversary today, so we will be going out for a celebratory meal tonight. Bill.
  9. gemerley

    Wedding in Icmeler/Marmaris

    Hello, not sure if anyone can help me I just wondered with regards to getting married in Icmeler/Marmaris, I am British my partner is a Turkish national, do we both need blood tests or will it just be him (or neither) as I have seen different information depending on whereabouts the wedding is...
  10. E

    What kind of gift does one bring to a Turkish wedding?

    Been invited to a Turkish wedding but don't know what's considered a nice gift in such occasions. Suggestions would be appreciated...thanks.
  11. I

    Bringing wedding dress on turkish airlines flight

    Hi all, I'm flying out to istanbul from uk to get married in a few weeks. Any suggestions how to carry my dress? It would fit in a cabin bag but I'm worried incase it creased too much. I tried to contact turkish airlines but the personal who deals with such queries is off until my wedding...
  12. B

    Wedding Anniversary meal.

    June and I are celebrating our Wedding Anniversary today, so tonight we will be going for a special meal, and a few drinks. Bill.
  13. I

    small wedding/dinner in Istanbul help!

    Hi all, as some of you know I am getting married in istanbul this summer, hopefully! We are looking for a small gathering, less of a party as we will be having that later in the year but a nice family dinner, cake and some photos. Around 10-15 people. We have looked at kiz kulesi... wondering...
  14. I

    bit of help from the girls re marriage in registery office

    Girls quick question, when getting married in the registry office what to wear! When my friend married she wore a summer dress with nice hair and makeup, however my whole family want to come as they won't make our wedding party in my inlaws city and they are expecting me in a proper wedding...
  15. T

    Looking for help for Marriage in Belek

    Hi , thank you for accepting me to the group. I wondered if anyone can help with the process of getting married in Belek this July. I am booked to stay at Letoonia Golf resort on 17 July for 2 weeks and would love to get married whilst on holiday with family. We have been together for 12 years...
  16. I

    hi all - soon to be bride

    Hey all, thanks for adding me into the forum. I'm from uk and I'm planning on marrying my long term turkish fiancee some time this Year. We haven't decided if we are going to live in uk or tr yet so we are going down the route of potentially applying for visas which takes all the fun out of...
  17. newhorizon

    Wedding Gift List - Good or Bad?

    Following on from recent Child birthday request gift list request (or suggestions) What do you think of Wedding Gift Lists for adults? at stores Do they have them in Turkey? Or is country based thing? Is it Like Proms, Baby showers popular in US but now surfacing in U.K.
  18. R

    Turkish wedding divorce

    Hi I married in Turgutreis 2 and a half years ago. We have now separated. Just wondered if anyone knows about getting a divorce. We are both british but we never registered the marriage in the UK. I have the turkish red book etc. do I need to come over to turkey to do anything or can it all be...
  19. H


    Just picking brains here I am english and live in Dalyan I have married a Turkish man how long do I have to wait before I canapply for my Janet is it 3 or 5 or 8 years x
  20. Fuzzy

    Wedding help please

    l think that i have probably put my previous thread on to the wrong forum ! So sorry for repeating it here but here maybe more appropriate !! Would anybody be able to advise exactly what should be done to book the registrar etc in the town where one is getting married ? This is a marriage...
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