1. M

    Missing Websites

    I am - once again - in trouble! Certain sites that I visit daily are failing to open on my PC (they are okay on this laptop). One or two are alright, but with the others the little circle logo just keeps going round and round and the site does not load. As I know stuff-all about how computers...
  2. the bueman

    Warning websites offering discount upon bookings

    Hi All Just booked flights with Ryanair on Wednesday and upon booking the flights I was offered 20euro of my next flight. I almost fell for the scam......they ask you to claim discount of next flight, then ask you to put in your card details.......but be careful......they are nothing to do...
  3. Mushtaq

    Turkish eVisa Scam Websites Alert

    As has been reported by some members there are now a number of websites that appear to be official visa sites for the new Turkish eVisa. These websites typically charge a extortionate fee for processing your visa application, around £40-£50+ The Turkish eVisa is only $20, so if you are paying...
  4. A

    Good websites to advertise properties for holiday rentals?

    Can anyone recommend good websites to capture the English, German, Scandinavian etc. tourist to rent apartments/villas? Would like to advertise on a number of sites to engage with as many countries/guest as possible.
  5. M

    White goods and Furniture Websites

    First post on Turkish Living although been a member for a while, we're coming to Dalyan in late April to furnish our newly built villa, just wondering if anybody knows of any websites that we can visit to get an idea of prices for white goods and furniture, we're planning to try and do all...
  6. Özay

    Fake Islamic Websites Giving Misinformation

    I am sure many people are aware of this problem HOWEVER for those who are not . let this be a tool of information for the websites owned by "other religions "known to give misinformation and false translation of the Qu'ran. Yes there are maaaaaany bogus sites so it you want info make sure...
  7. D

    Turkey to stop u using websites

    As from next Monday Turkey is going make illegal the accessing of some web sites. I find this very worrying and a big - for Turkey on its freedom of speech. If the Government are so worried about its young looking at things they shouldn't then maybe it should be the parents that monitor this...
  8. pembelu

    weather forecast websites

    forecasts = i didnt know if to open a new thread or add to the weather thread or maybe its been covered before but what websites do people use in any language to get fairly accurate weather reports for Mugla region/ turkey. I notice many vary & i wondered which site seems most professional &...
  9. Squeaky

    Propaganda websites used Defense Ministry IPs

    Good afternoon: I wonder what the reaction will be by people who were duped into negative views of AK Party and Gulen when they find out that much of the disinformation was driven by people who have now been charged as part of the Ergenekon organization. “The latest indictment provides...
  10. ceemac

    Helpful Websites

    Apologies if any of these sites have already been given - just thought it might be a good idea to have them all in one place; Turkish Class - Learn Turkish Language Online, with Free Turkish Lessons A very comprehensive site about the Turkish language and all things Turkish published in...
  11. peter the postie

    Misleading websites.. Grrr!!!

    I've just ordered a nintendo DSI for our grand daughters xmas box. I ordered it from a site that looked fine to me, 2-3 day delivery with DHL as the courier sounded ok. All the prices in pounds, and even an 0800 number for ordering if you so wish. I decided to track it through the DHL website...
  12. ceemac

    Armed Forces Websites

    For those of you with an interest, here's the websites (in English), of the Turkish Armed Forces; Turkish Army Turkish Navy Turkish Air Force Turkish Gendarme Turkish Coast Guard Turkish General Staff War Colleges Command C ps The Navy website appears to be unavailable at the moment but...
  13. I

    Restaurants with websites

    Hi there we are off to Altinkum 10th of July cant wait,It is my second visit,Last time was 2 years ago and I am really looking forward to going back.This time though I would like to visit more places to eat and for nights out as last time seemed to spend fortnight in same place so could anyone...
  14. ceemac

    Turkish Websites in English

    Some good Turkish government websites here and all in English. Maybe worth a sticky, I don't know? The National Library of Turkey Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs Turkish Statistical Institute (Heaps and heaps of official statistics here - very interesting) Presidency of the...
  15. J

    Holiday rental websites

    Hi Folks, Can anyone advise ? I am wanting rent out my apt for the holiday season and ive looked at a few uk based websites.The problem is there are so many sites and am not sure which site will actually get me any rentals, Has anyone any experience of this or recommendations? I would like...
  16. Andywebb

    List of Banks and websites

    Whilst carrying out some research for my website I came across this website. So as to take no credit for this I have only posted the link below. A lot of the banks here you will see have websites and many are in English you just have to find the link...
  17. ceemac


    Pete the Postie started something like this a while back but it sort of died a death. The www is so huge that it's just impossible to discover evrything out there. We all though, come across interesting websites ourselves by accident or whatever. Expanding on Pete's idea, I thought it'd be...
  18. G

    English to Turkish translation websites?

    Can anyone recommend a good online site to translate preferably phrases and not just words from English to Turkish please.
  19. T

    Renting and websites

    Re: This 2007 Season for Turkey We are letting our Kalkan villa for the first time (ie first time we have let it and the first time it has been let). So far we have bookings for all of August, half of July and half of June. Our experiene is there is a lot of interest out there...
  20. cleeker

    Yalikavak websites

    c Clive & Liz
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