1. gally

    HSBC website?

    Hello Is anyone else in the UK at the moment having problems getting onto the HSBC Turkey website? It was down last weekend for maintenance and ever since I can't get the website to load. Just wondering if there's some sort of block from outside Turkey? Thanks for any info.
  2. IbrahimAbi

    Website for TC number

    I know that someone posted one somewhere on here but I cannot find it. Can anyone please give us the government website that allows us to check our Turkish ID number? We can see it on our residence permit but the Turktelekom people keep telling my wife that her number is wrong. We have been to...
  3. T

    problem with longterm residency website

    Hi everyone, As of yesterday and today,is anyone experiencing problems with the 'Longterm residency website'?We are able to complete to the end of 'Personnel information section 2' then click on 'next',then the system comes up with a screen with a message saying 'Technical failure has occurred...
  4. G

    Aaagh!!!!!!!! Pegasus website

    I'm sitting here almost pulling my hair out! I've been trying for the last hour and a half to book some flights for April through the website. Each time I get to the end, paying, it comes up saying that there is an error, and to contact my bank. I've phoned the bank, and they're saying that it...
  5. Jaycey

    Google is a ‘partially dangerous’ website, Google says

    And just for you geeky guys … gadgets and tech news in pictures Google is a ?partially dangerous? website, Google says | News | Lifestyle | The Independent Wow!
  6. G

    Alanya Belediyesi Website

    Does anyone know whether Alanya Belediyesi are going to make their new website available in English? We found the previous website (available with English translation) extremely useful as our Turkish language skills are rather poor (me) / non-existent (him). We've tried copying text and using...
  7. Kingfisher

    Company check website for Turkish company

    I am wanting to check out a Turkish company (solvability, assets, directors etc.) and I am looking for a similar website to Endole or Company Check. Could anyone help please?
  8. I

    Aydem website for power cuts

    Can someone please give me the web address to check for power cuts, mine seems to have disappeared off of favourites! Thanks
  9. the bueman website for downloading software etc

    Hi Guys here is a great website to help you with Tablets, computers, Boxes etc. Forums - Worth Bookmarking for further help.
  10. bal canavar

    New Istanbul things to do Website

    Homepage -
  11. bal canavar

    Website Ban

    AKP Gov’t to propose new bill to ban websites without court order.:speaknoev The government is working on a new measure that grants the prime minister or a member of the Cabinet the power to ban a website for 24 hours without a court order when public order or national security are at stake, a...
  12. M

    Blocked website

    When attempting to access an internet site I use everyday, today I got a message (in Turkish) saying 'This site is blocked due to the fact that you are currently using the Family (Game) Profile which takes place in scope of the secure internet'? [Thanks Google Translate] Can I get access to the...
  13. Sunny Seasider

    'HELP' Website Problem

    I have tried all the troubleshooting guides but cannot fix this problem. I can connect to all websites except Facebook on my notebook, I have only today experienced this, I have not touched any setting etc; Anyone advice?, welcome please.
  14. C

    Problem with visa website

    I applied last night, got right through to last stage after responding to the email, and the website hung....and hung....and finally said page not available. The phone no has been engaged ever since. Please can anyone tell me if this has happened to them? Do you think I should I respond to the...
  15. juco

    Turkish medicines website

    This site for prices of medication in Turkey is showing as not found, has it been blocked? Or has the address changed.
  16. YabanciGirl

    Website for finding rental apartments in North Cyprus?

    Hi, :roundgrin Do you know any good Websites where I can find apartments for rent in TRNC? Maybe short term, then long term accomdation, Furnished :) Thanks! *I'm so excited to leave Ankara!* :clap2:
  17. Phil Johns

    Paws Website blocked in TR!!

    It seems the Men in Black have finally got round to the little people apparently our website is blocked in TR. Guess its because it mentions the words Dogs, Turkey, Turkish, and Government. However it can still be viewed via a VPN. Thanks for altering post...
  18. D

    New Website for Dalyan Animals

    Hi Everyone Just a heads up to say that there is a new website for Dalyan Animals. dalyananimals org- Helping the street animals of Dalyan. Remember to put a dot before org. Please take a look and let me know what you think. Phil
  19. E

    Can't access Koctas website!!!

    I've tried 2 browsers and can't get the Koctas website to open. Am I being paranoid or is it being blocked? I had problems the other day with T's Zaman but people in other areas could access it whereas I'm able to access links with youtube. Any ideas folks?
  20. A

    What happened to your website

    What happened to your website. Is it shut down like many things on your site?
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