1. juco

    Live Peregrine webcam

    24 hour Live cam from UK showing Peregrine sitting on eggs, I counted 3 last time she moved position. Be patient as it should get interesting when the eggs hatch. Viewing Webcam: Peregrine Falcons at Nottingham Trent University
  2. yalimart

    Early Webcam

    As most will be aware most of the modern world was invented in and around Manchester, I hadnt realised we had also invented the early versions of web cams until now. Martin
  3. Mushtaq

    Your dodgy webcam videos saved by GCHQ?

    If you have been showing off your bits to friends over the internet using yahoo webchat, there is a good chance the images are stored by GCHQ. Yahoo webcam images from millions of users intercepted by GCHQ • Optic Nerve program collected Yahoo webcam images in bulk • 1.8m users targeted by UK...
  4. spitfire

    Altinkum Webcam

    I've found a webcam that might be useful for anyone that wants to see what the weather is like in Altinkum at the minute. I believe it's from one of the Didim beach Hotels ;) Here's the link Live view - AXIS P1344 Network Camera Allan
  5. Jouster

    Shaka webcam

    I have loaded Windows 7 onto my computer but have found that I can no longer access the Shaka webcam. I have downloaded all the necessary drivers but to no avail and am wondering if anyones else has the problem. Oh, I can still get the Olu Deniz live feed from the webcam there with no problems...
  6. Briand

    Webcam sites

    Live Webcam sites to browse. Briand. The Live Streaming Webcam Portal
  7. spitfire

    Altinkum Webcam working :)

    Just to let you know that 2 of the camera's are working again near the beach. It doesn't seem to work with firefox but works well with internet explorer!! PC-Based Digital Video Recorder User name is "admin" Password is "1234" Enjoy :bounce: Allan
  8. B

    Live webcam Kumkent Cafe Akbuk

    Found this the other day for anyone that may be interested... This is a live webcam at the bottom of "Kumkent Site " in Akbuk. Miss that sunshine...! kumkentcafe on Mel.
  9. rvanbaelen


    Hi all, Already again our last day at Ufuk Hillside, returning to cloudy Belgium tomorrow. While sitting on my terrace, I was thinking why don't they (UFUK) installing a live (rotating) webcam at the balcony of Apollon D block. Everybody would be able to have the stunning view over the area...
  10. gerald

    Live Perseids (Meteor) Webcam

    Its cloudy where I am, but forecast clear in Derbyshire, note the time..... Live Perseids (Meteor) Webcam - Mam Tor, Derbyshire Live streaming coverage of the Perseids meteor shower over the Derbyshire hills near Mam Tor. Streaming will start on location after 11pm UK time (EST +5) and finish...
  11. V


    My daughter is for the first time alone on holiday with her boyfriend so I want to see whats going on in Kusadasi her appartment is in the centre of Kusadasi thanks from a mother in Holland:33: so does anyone know a link to a webcam in Kusadasi
  12. T

    Webcam Bodrum/Gumbet

    Hi all just want to know are there any webcams on in Bodrum or Gumbet .
  13. susie

    Datca webcam?

    A couple of pages back there's reference to a Datca webcam (in a thread started by kalpumba called Cruise liner). Just wondered if that was still working or is there another one we can access?
  14. DaveL1234


    For you webcam fans Kalkan Bay Webcam - good view You will need to register but it is easy. Link Webcam
  15. Andy

    Webcam website

    Just found this website with webcams around the world. Sorry but there were none in Turkey, but some good ones in the UK for members that are missing a little bit of the UK. It is possible to email Earthcam, the webcams in Turkey.
  16. mavi

    external webcam help please

    I am looking for any help or advice on setting up a live webcam, external one... I havent got a clue and dont want to end up being suckered into sales pitch thanks in advance..
  17. martin m


    Hi all Just because, the webcam on Atinkum beach has been down for so long, and we have had so many new members join in the last couple of months,i thought I would put the link back on as it is working again, just put webcam and altinkum in the boxes,enjoy martin
  18. G


    have recently been viewing altinkum on the webcam - initially camera 1+2 in operation, then only camera 2 - now i dont seem to be able to get any. does anybody know whats happening with the webcam? thanks gill nn jon
  19. Andywebb

    Alanya Webcam test

    Just a test to see if I can post this info about Alanya Web cam. Alanya'nýn Resmi Web Sitesi The Official Website of Alanya Municipality Website in English with camera link It worked for me! In fact this lead will give you 4 cameras around Alanya.
  20. jane2005

    Live webcam in Kusadasi

    Just to let you all know that there is a live webcam on the KoruMar Hotel in the Marina. Here's the link. It's realtime, updated every 3 seconds. It's a bit hazy today so not a very clear view. But you can see the cruise ships in, today you can Brilliance of the...
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