1. IbrahimAbi

    What a tangled web we weave

    It will all come out, bit by sordid bit. How many unknown pics/videoa will come out in the next few weeks. Even Lizzie can't spike them all. Prince Andrew took a previously undisclosed flight on Jeffrey Epstein’s private jet with a group that included a Russian model...
  2. L

    The national lottery web site access.

    I am with Talk Talk as my internet provider,4 years now,and have never had a problem and found them better than my previous provider BT and Sky.Recently say for the last couple of months I haven't been able to log into the National lottery web site,this being the only web site I can't access,I...

    Web based security cameras

    I know this has been covered in the past but I was wondering if anyone can recommend some sort of web based camera I can purchase in the Uk or Turkey. Really looking for something simple to set up.... that can be tracked via a phone. Some idiot tried to break into my house recently even with the...
  4. Spurs

    The dark web

    Listening to some of this fellas community & friends, some are realistic & are saying "he was radicalised locally by someone close to him". Then they interviewed the local Inman, his response was "its the dark web". All the smells of superstition. Get a grip FFS, its in some of your places of...
  5. A

    Pale Moon web browser

    I was very disappointed when the new Firefox Australis (version 29 and later) interface suddenly replaced my nicely set up Firefox browser on my recently installed and highly customised new operating system. I could no longer have buttons where I wanted and the sub menus just totally did not...
  6. suzyq

    Turkey mulls leaving World Wide Web, minister says

    Lütfi Elvan, Minister of Transport, Maritime and Communication, has said Turkey may leave the World Wide Web (www) to establish its own "ttt" protocol amid the Turkish government's efforts to rein in global websites including Twitter and YouTube. During an informal meeting with journalists in...
  7. D

    web sites for renting a apartment!

    Hi all dose anyone no of any web sites for renting apartment direct from owner looking for long term rent with a family please help need a apartment to live asap!!!!
  8. A&P

    Car dealers web site... help needed.

    Hi. I'm planning to purchase a car in the Fethiye region. I have had limited success in sourcing car dealers information and their 'for sale lists' for the Fethiye area online. I have searched Sahibinden.com which offers some choice. Any assistance with info about dealers / dealership, web...
  9. Spike

    Web Site hosting

    How much would it cost to host a very simple web site that would contain no more than a list of company details? Any feedback much appreciated.
  10. Miss Money Penny

    Yalikavak web site?

    Anyone know what happened to the web site www.yalikavak.co.uk ? I wanted friends to see the fab photos that were on there but it seems to unavailable now.
  11. arrian

    web cam pics

    i have said many times that i'm a novice when it comes to computers. and now i need some help again! using the web cam i want to copy some pics i have got, don't have a printer, don't have a lap top, i am using a netbook. tried going into programmes etc but can't find the info on how to use...
  12. L

    Default home web page

    Since upgrading UKNova it has set my default web page as a Turkish search engine. I've been into internet options and tried to change it but it always goes back to this page. Can anyone tell me how to revert internet explorer to always open with my home page. I'm using IE9. Thanks, Lesley
  13. SAMIMI

    Web users details hacked

    I am learning more all the time about how it is not safe to put your name, date of birth, mother's name, your dates of travel and where you are going on sites like Facebook, fourms ect. Hackers are constantly getting into individual sites, getting hold of your passwords and gathering your...
  14. C

    Belediyesi web site

    Could some body please help. I have for the last few days beening trying to pay some bills via the Yalikavak Beledi site. I can logon & view my account but when i confirm my payment the site seems to crash. Does anybody know if they have a problem. Regards Clive
  15. R

    Problems logging onto Turkish web sites

    Is anyone else having trouble logging onto .tr web sites? We have tried all evening to log onto hsbc.com.tr without success and subsequently tried other .tr sites such as Migros, Koctas etc. but none of them will connect. Griff and Dawn
  16. Mary

    quote from emlaks from hell web site

    I have been reading this website and found it very enlightening. I have picked up a quote and just wanted to know what others thought. My feelings on this subject as a home owner but not living there is em perhaps there is a lot of truth in this, however would need to live there to know the real...
  17. A89

    web cam problem

    Any ideas why my webcam wont work in MSN but works in skype? When I try to do a video call I just get a big red cross i the box where my cam should show me.
  18. Neil_Denizli

    Legal Advice Web Site

    I know this isn't the exactly right place to put this, as it covers a lot of stuff ... but having seen threads asking for tapu, divorce, education info, etc., wanted to share a decent forum: Turkish Law - Türk Hukuk Sitesi Forum Alanlarý If you are having a legal problem, someone's had it...
  19. M

    Question on world wide web

    Hi just wondering if anyone out there can explain a searching web query. I bought my laptop from uk, and use google to search the web. My friend bought her computer here in turkey but she also uses google. If I put a search in all UK sites come up, if she does the same some sites dont come...
  20. DRACEY

    Pegasus web site

    For the past couple of days Pegasus Airlines web site has been unavailable or down. Ha s anybody been able to get on to it or is it me ?.
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