1. T


    look out,bad weather forecast for dalaman area from tuesday for one week thunderstorms forecast for tuesday and wensday and high winds,so baton things down
  2. M

    weather at halloween?

    Hi everyone, we are thinking of going back out to Spring at halloween and was wondering what the weather was like at that time. we had rain last september and it was cold at night but we were told that that was not the norm. also we have just came back and we hunted migros and sally's bazzar...
  3. zozatky

    Interested in your local Weather.

    A very good Web site for up to date Weather patterns in you local area. Check it - Kusadasi, TURKEY - 15 Day Weather Forecast - Local Weather Forecasts
  4. J

    weather in october

    can anyone tell me what the evening temps in general are first 2 weeks in october is it still shorts and tee shirt or do you need a cover up thanks
  5. S

    weather in Dalyan in October

    Hi everyone - we went to Turkey (Kalkan) last September for the first time and fell in love with the country - but want to stay somewhere where we can experience a bit more of authentic Turkish life this year. Unfortunately we can't get away until third week of October, but I've read that it can...
  6. ceemac

    UK/Ireland Weather

    It was times like yesterday that I truly truly am jealous of you lot in Turkey. It was absolutely atrocious in my part of Ireland all day with high winds and really heavy rain - and it was cold too. Had you suddenly been transported here from somewhere else, you would have put the date down...
  7. A

    duck weather

    Hi to you all my first post just thought i would let you all know its banging it down back in this very green and not so pleasant land ,anyway ill be with you lot in Akbuk on the 17th cant wait ,(hope its stopped raining by then or we may have to come over by boat):hehe:ah well that seems to...
  8. Sailor

    Weekend weather in Aegean

    Just started my Leave, (holidays) for a month and watching Irish News.It says rain and thunderstorms in the Aegean for the weekend.Going out Monday for 3 weeks. Please keep me updated over the next few days. (on my second bottle of wine so for now I don't care but when i sober up i need to know...
  9. kaytee

    Weather in Altinkum end Sept/beginning of Oct

    Hi All Just a quickie - what's the weather like in Altinkum at the end of Sept/beginning of October? And is everything likely to still be open i.e. shops/restaurants/bars/pools? Thanks for your help.
  10. claire1976

    Weather end Oct/Nov

    I'm hoping to get out to our apartment in Dalaman at the end of Oct beginning of Nov time. I wouldn't normally visit so late in the season but we have just been for 2 weeks and since I'm having a baby in September I can't visit again before then and end of Oct is earliest I can get really. What...
  11. labman

    Akbuk Weather update

    A great deal of weather forcasts for Akbuk indicate high humidity, but I thought Akbuk was meant to have very low humidity? Anyway, most of the info is from Bodrum or Izmir I belive so can anyone give me an update? Do I need to bring a coat!! LM
  12. M

    How is the weather?

    Hi all. As above, how is the weather at the moment? looking at the forecasts it is pretty hot. See you all soon, flying over on friday for a couple of weeks. Should I bring some extra sun cream? Looking forward to cold Efes in iced glasses.
  13. G


    Just gathering my stuff together for my holiday. What's the weather like? Has the rain stopped or should I pack my brolly? Will I need a cardi for evenings? Are the mossies lying in wait expecting to feast on me?
  14. R

    Weather condition Bodrum-Kos town

    I saw somewhere that also if Bodrum and Kos town are one in front of the other, the weather is hotter in Bodrum that in Kos town. In kos is more agreable that in Bodrum. Is that true? Thanks
  15. D

    Weather Forcast

    Hi everyone Me and a pall are out on 25th May. how is the weather right now? What about the evenings ? Will we be sitting on the balcony with a cold gin and tonic or a warm cup of tea?
  16. R

    Weather Akbuk End Sept?

    Hello thinking of visiting Akbuk Last week in Sept for about 9 days. Going to spend a couple of days doing DIY in my house, painting etc and then the rest chilling and going to beach and meeting friends etc.. What is the weather like end Sept? Shorts and beach weather? I want to get my white...
  17. N

    English weather

    At today I walked to the local shop in brilliant sunshine, no coat needed and had to use sunglasses, my thoughts turning to summer. By the time i'd bought my bits and bobs the sky had turned black, the wind was blowing the rubbish around in circles and the air had turned chilly. I rushed...
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