1. K

    Antalya weather warning

    I posted this on the F & C thread but thought it might be better to separate it. Keep safe wherever you are. It's not usual for the foreign Office to spread a weather warning so things may be rough. On 10 December the Turkish authorities issued a red weather warning for the Antalya area...
  2. juco

    Weather Ha Ha

    My wife is in Tenerife and it is overcast and had a shower of rain. Son is in Las Vegas and its snowing. I am here in Scotland and we have had the warmest Feb since the 1800s. Honest I am not having a chuckle :-)
  3. gally


    Hi, whats the weather like in Turgutreis lately, coming out for a weeks break on Friday 12th so hopefully get some decent weather. Any suggestions for a good restaurant (nice steaks?) would be gratefully received. Thanks. :smile:
  4. C

    Weather forcast

    Whats the best web site for weather forecast for Didim, Akbuk?
  5. juco

    UK weather 25-5-17

    Whats your weather like today. Central Scotland is `real feel` 27°C To flippin warm!
  6. W

    Weathershield Paint - Turkish weather

    Advice please re paint.Just checking whether Weathershield Paint from the UK would be appropriate or not for painting open terrace apt in Turkey - which is very exposed in winter. I usually use Filliboya but I have about 12 litres of the Weathershield which I brought over this time - just to...
  7. C

    The TLF Weather station

    What has happened to the TLF weather station? when i click on the Bodrum 10 day forecast it comes up as a different page?
  8. niyaz

    Dalaman Weather in February

    Would appreciate fed back on weather in February at Dalaman. Thanks. :hmm:
  9. juco

    Minute rain weather forecast

    I found this an interesting weather site that gives a rain forecast by the minute, I have found it to be quite accurate to within a couple of minutes, ideal for washing or a bit of gardening etc. More accuracy is gained by entering your postcode. It is based on radar images. Manchester Minute...
  10. T

    Weather for next 2 weeks

    Yes, sorry for another weather thread but just wondering what the weather forecast is for the next 2 weeks. Looking on various weather web sites they are varying from wall-to-wall sunshine (I hope so) to frequent thunderstorms and rain. Can anyone please clarify as to what the local weather...
  11. C

    Good morning! What's the weather like in Dalaman?

    Hello everyone, Firstly, I ask you to forgive me if I post in the wrong place, this board is a little different to others I have used. We are flying to Dalaman on Monday and we have been keeping an eye on the turkish weather on various weather sites. My, don't they vary !!!!! So with that in...
  12. butt007

    Hot weather

    Don't know whether it's just me or what, but down here in Alanya/Konakli the heat the last couple of days is same as in July it seems to me. yesterday our thermometer on the balcony was reading 90deg...and that was in the shade. I am sweating cobs as they say, this a taste of what is...
  13. christella

    akbuk weather

    i hear there has been a lot of rain lately and was told a lot of plants had died as it was minus 8c if that is true has the water pipes frozen or may be as they are plastic just expand a bit
  14. L

    Weather in Altinkum?

    What is the weather like in Altinkum just now,thanks
  15. T

    Expressions about weather

    Hava bugün güneşli -------> The weather is sunny today. Hava bugün kapalı ---------> [The weather is closed today] which means " the weather is cloudy today. Hava bugün bulutlu ---------> The weather is cloudy today. Hava bugün rüzgarlı ---------> The weather is windy today. Hava bugün açık...
  16. C

    antalya weather

    what is the the weather like in Antalya at the moment my friends going on Saturday thanks
  17. mamish

    Snowing in Dogusbelen!

    We have steady snow for the last half hour or so and the sky looks full of it!
  18. J


    hello everyone coming down in two weeks and was wondering what the temperature is like can someone update please as do not trust weather forecast websites.thanks in advance
  19. K

    Weather In May

    Haven't been on here in a long while and didn't make it back to Yali last year but can't wait to come this year. Can anyone advise me how warm it is in Mid May. We did come in October in 2013 and we had unusually bad weather. Thank you
  20. K

    Stormy weather

    Have just seen this story on World Bulletin. Has Datca been affected by the storms? At least eight killed as huge storm batters Turkey | General | Worldbulletin News
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