1. M

    Wearing the Poppy

    It is coming to that time of year again when I get sick of being accosted by the Poppy Police and sick of getting discerning looks from people sporting the Poppy due to the fact that I myself don't display one. Just wondering what thoughts other members have about wearing this emblem ?
  2. perfect1949

    who else is wearing shorts

    it's the first of December and i'm still in shorts not a pretty sight , who else is still in theirs , the weather for November has been very warm in the mid 20's . dave
  3. shirleyanntr

    beaten up for wearing makeup

    a 30 year old woman was badly beaten with baseball bats because she dyed her hair and wore makeup ...she was beaten by her two brothers. and their punishment...the judge has them sent for mental assessment and treatment LOCAL - Brothers beat sister with baseball bats for dying hair, putting...
  4. KKOB

    Women Lashed For Wearing Trousers.

    I can't understand what's immodest about trousers on women. Afterall, Salvars or shalvars, part of a shalwar kameez, are loose pajama-like trousers and are worn throughout the world by men and women. BBC NEWS | Africa | Sudan women 'lashed for trousers'
  5. P

    People wearing TLF T shirts

    I just wondered if people have seen anyone out and about in the resort wearing their TLF T shirts this summer? Or their flashing keyrings for that matter? Hope they were a success!
  6. sandpearse

    Not wearing perfume?

    Just reading online Turkish Daily News, the article is saying that according to the website of the Directorate of Religious Affairs, that it is immoral to wear perfume outside the house. Whatever next? Really gives you something to think about...
  7. eastriding

    Like wearing fur?

    I always think it looks better on the original owner but if you must wear it just make sure it isn't from China the worlds largest exporter. WARNING This video shows mistreatment of animals, please do not open this link if you are of a sensitive disposition...
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