1. Jaycey

    Why men should always wear sun glasses

    Why men should always wear sun glasses ..
  2. S

    What NOT to wear

    Something to go with your man bags,boys Sue
  3. pineapple1

    Wear your Poppy with Pride ..

    An 83 year old British gentleman arrived in Paris by plane. As he was fumbling in his bag for his passport a stern French lady asked if he had been to France before. He admitted he had indeed been here previously. The lady sarcastically said “then you should know to have your passport out and...
  4. A

    UK denies Christians right to wear crucifix

    The British government asserts that Christians have no right to wear a cross or crucifix at work and is eager to prove it in court. The case was initiated by two British women Nadia Eweida and Shirley Chaplin, after they were punished for refusing to take off their religious symbols. Nadia...
  5. tykatem

    Wear your old band Tshirt day !

    According to BBC 6 music today is national wear your old band T shirt day. What are you/ or would you be wearing ? Pete
  6. arrian

    what NOT to wear on holiday!

    one or two strange ones here!......... What not to wear on holiday - Yahoo! Travel UK
  7. pineapple1

    What To Wear And Where

    After the woman in Dubai wearing a bikini in the shopping mall . This is interesting , Just scroll down and click on pictures , Some may surprise you ............Diane Strictest v freest countries
  8. ceemac

    France To Fine Women Who Wear Burka In Public

    Women who wear Islamic veils in public in France face a £700 fine under strict new laws being proposed. The amount could be doubled for Muslim men who force female members of their family to cover their faces. Here C
  9. KKOB

    Are You Too Old To Wear T-Shirts ?

    Do you still wear t-shirts and what slogan does your favourite one have on it ? Read about Jeremy Clarkson's t-shirt gaff: Just one word and my T-shirt offends the whole of Japan | Jeremy Clarkson - Times Online
  10. labman

    Disco's what did you wear?

    I always remeber my first school disco. It was trendy to wear drain pipe trousers at the time but I didn't have any so my mother cut a pair of normal trousers down the whole length and quickly sewed the sides up which looked more like two pieces of long cloth attached together by fishnet...
  11. Martyn

    I rarely wear sunglasses

    .. but I will now. My wife bumped into an old work colleague today and it's someone I have met a couple of times. She' s a lovely person and just so happy go lucky in her attitude, she was today. But her life has changed and she wants to spread the message about wearing sunglasses so here is...
  12. L

    What clothing to wear in February??

    Hi What clothing do I need to bring with me for 3 weeks in February in Turunc?? Waterproof jacket? thick trousers? any help and advise would be most welcome. Many thanks - Joan :438qr:
  13. madturkishcow

    What do you wear?

    What do you wear in Turkey girls? My attire has seen a few changes over the years. I no longer wear 'Hot Pants' 'Pop socks' or even 'Leggings'. The order of the day in winter is plenty of layers, including mum, my vest! I don't care if I look like the Michelin woman as long as I am warm. Just...
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