1. L

    Good old Wayne again.

    https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/46777318 Surprised he wasn't driving or had some young lady with him,a true saying you can take the man out of Liverpool etc etc.
  2. John LeNeve

    Happy B-Day John Wayne

    John Wayne would have been 106 today. Today, in the US, it is memorial day. One of our major holidays. It is also John Wayne's 106th birthday (if he were still alive). John Wayne is THE American actor. Love him or us he is what the US is about (or maybe was) from the 30's till the 70's. No...
  3. clatchyrock

    John Wayne

    Started to watch the film Conqueror this afternoon and spent a few minutes watching John Wayne as Genghis Khan. He may well have been in a cowboy film- there was no change in accent- no attempt to even change his cowboy image. In other words he was a crap actor. He would never have graced the...
  4. Rosemary1234

    Wayne Rooney Prostitute Beaten Up

    Pictures in the mail of Helen Wood just after she had been beaten up! Sorry but I thought it was Rooney who was marrried! she was just supplying a service! the oldest one in the book by the way.
  5. perfect1949

    colleen rooney say,s she would never trust wayne again

    colleen rooney say,s she could never trust wayne again , could you trust your partner if they had done a similar thing ? i dont think i could . dave
  6. arrian

    wayne rooneys' holiday!

    Wayne Rooney goes on holiday booked TWO days before World Cup exit | Mail Online
  7. perfect1949

    wayne rooney 2010 player of the year

    wayne rooney . as been voted 2010 player of the year , by the football writers assoication . for me it was the right man , well done wayne
  8. perfect1949

    wayne bridge

    if you was wayne bridge , would you play alongside john terry in the england squad ? i dont think i would . :27:
  9. M

    Hello from Wayne Priestley

    Re: Akbuk Villa (Villa Marje) available to rent. Ideal for viewing trips hello my name is wayne priestley my partner jenny and i have bought this year in akbuk we are thinking about driving out in june. has anyone done the trip who can give us some tips?
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