1. F

    Land of Legends Waterpark

    Was thinking of bringing kids to this in a couple of weeks. Anyone know of a wa yto get to cheaper entry tickets ?
  2. Spurs

    Turkish waterpark accident

    Breaking news Turkish water park: Five electrocuted - BBC News Tragic.
  3. M

    Waterpark in Yalikavak

    Hi all Is the Pirates of the Cactus Waterpark in Yalikavak still there, I remember seeing it last year - or was it the year before - but have never been, we're coming out at the end of May with the whole family and thought it might be a good place to go!
  4. tomc1984


    What is the difference between aqualand and adaland, which is best? does anyone know of any discount vouchers online?
  5. L


    Selam.... Can anyone tell me if its true about the water park being closed? My grandson will be gutted as he has attending it 14days of our holiday lol... Thanks l x
  6. T

    waterpark ??

    I keep hearing there's now a waterpark around Datca. Can anyone tell me where exactly please?
  7. Bubbafella


    Hi I posted a thread a few weeks ago about locating a waterpark, I had a few reply's and thanks. I have just come back from my Holiday, I have a villa in Colakli not far from Side and wanted to take the kids to a waterpark. Just to let you know that we found a place on the D400, the main road...
  8. Bubbafella


    Hi can anyone advise me of a good waterpark, I seem to recall a good place close to Belek/Kadriye, but can't remenber it's exact location. So if any of you guy's and gal's can help, that will save me some grief from the kids when I get there in a couple of days. Thanks Bubbafella
  9. B

    Small Waterpark in Datca

    We have just come back from Datca and noticed a very small waterpark has opened up. We tried it and although it only has 2 slides the pool and restaurant area are excellent and you do not pay for the use of the slides or the padded sun loungers (The only thing they expect is for you to buy...
  10. Mag

    Bodrum Waterpark

    Hi, Does anyone know if the waterpark will still be open 1st week in October? Thanks
  11. Tonya

    Calis waterpark

    There is a small waterpark in Calis which on first appearance you might not think is worth visiting. When we visited in June our apartments were fairly quiet and the only children that were there werent around much. We have two children aged 7 and 5 who love to meet other kids on holiday so we...
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