1. Helenm150

    Watering eyes

    Have any forum members ever suffered from excessive watering eyes - I mean to the point that it is as if you are crying with tears pouring down your cheeks? It is just mainly my left eye - also eyelids are a little red and swollen eyes are sticky in the morning? :30:
  2. P

    watering holes between Calis and Fethiye

    Hi all I am looking at next years holiday and have spotted some nice apartrments that sit between Calis and Fethiye approx 20 - 30 mins walk along the front in both directions. obviously I am aware of dolmus etc and on an evening 20 mins is nothing , my question is if I wanted a watering hole...
  3. jcrian

    Watering Garden

    I have built some retaining walls so that I can flood the garden to a depth of about 10". Takes about 15 minutes to flood the garden with water coming down the mountain in irrigation channels. Then the water is diverted outside to water our shrubs outside our walls. I have put in a pipe so that...
  4. T

    Watering system

    Moving to another house in Uzumlu with a larger garden in Sept. We are having a watering system (with a water bore) put in, haven't had one before, can anyone give me advice on this, or about getting someone in to it install the hoses for us, in the Fethiye area, would it be a lot cheaper to...
  5. S

    New for 2009 Eating & Watering holes in Altinkum.

    Well as requested i thought i would start a fresh new thread for 2009! All i can say is i love altinkum and cant wait to get back out there i wish we had anough money to live out there all the time,but just now at 26 and a 6 yr old son its just not the right tme! maybe one day i can join you...
  6. W

    New Watering Hole

    Hi All, I've just got back from hols in Altinkum. We spent most of our time walking around discovering different places to eat and drink. eventually we found our idyllic watering hole away from all the over crowded and popular areas. the inpub beach and cafe bar only opened approx 6 weeks ago...
  7. S

    watering holes and eateries

    Hello to everyone. I am going to altinkum on saturday for the first time and cant wait.can anyone recommend some nice restaurants and bars. cheers
  8. juco

    Lawns and watering question

    I am looking for information regarding the cost of keeping a lawn watered during the summer months. The lawn is appro 680 sq feet (75 sq metres) Does anyone own a property that has lawns that have to be watered during the hot season and if so what is the cost? thanks Juco
  9. O

    Eating and watering holes

    Roughly how many Restaurants/Bars are there in Akbuk[?] We all know about The Ipek Yolu,but if I am to embark on a pub crawl of Akbuk,I need to know how many stops I will have to make:):) Bob
  10. Mushtaq

    Eating & Watering holes in Altinkum - Discussion

    There is a great 24hr resturant on the main road just before Gima (from the beach) on the right hand side across from the new Yasmin Apartments, called 'Saray 2' I have eaten there quite a few times, the food is excellent and cheap, it's open 24hr and they do deliveries, if you can't make it...
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