1. V

    Water meter

    A couple of years ago we had a water meter installed in our Turkish property. The 1st bill that I had was for 1.62tl, as the meter had been put in at the end of our holiday, I didn't worry about it being so cheap, as I had no idea how much water we had used or when they had read it. Fast forward...
  2. Camden

    Turkish Lesser Known Superstitions

    Lead pouring is a technique of divination using melted metal. Typically molten lead or tin is dropped into water. Last week, we talked about the evil eye (nazar in Turkish), which the Turks believed they can be protected from by certain amulets that ward off the evil eye. For the Turks, there is...
  3. gam101

    Filtered Water ?

    I know there is a possibility that this simple topic might be too simple to discuss. :becky: But here goes.... So what is the quality of the water from the faucet? Safe to drink? We've been buying bottled water so far & now I am thinking of replacing that "process" with either a water...
  4. G

    Question Paying Water bill in Calis

    Does anyone know how we can pay our bill for our property in calis? Can this be done online?
  5. B

    Water meter

    Has any one else had experience of being asked to move water meter outside due to meter reader being concerned of excited dog barking. Dog Is immediately put on a lead if somebody comes to the gate and is a small very friendly dog just gets exited if somone at gate. Meter reader phoned his boss...
  6. G

    Water Restrictions in Didim and Akbuk

    There are two pools in our complex. The main pool has been filled this year but the smaller one for villa owners has not. I'm told this is due to water restrictions. Is this true?
  7. A89

    under sink water heater

    Does anyone know anything about under sink water heaters. The one in my chalet only makes the water hot if the tap is only running very slowly. As soon as the water comes out slightly quicker it goes cold. I leave it running very slowly into the washing up bowl and it gradually slows even more...
  8. L

    Storm sewer water backup problem

    Looking for plumbing advice. Very heavy rains recently resulted in property basements being flooded. i am assuming ( perhaps wrongly) that the cause was storm drain backup. The water came through the toilet and shower drains causing a good few inches of lying water. Other than sealing the drains...
  9. J

    Setting Up Water DD

    Hi Everyone, I'm trying to set up a water direct debit in Garanti on my app from the UK but I'm having trouble with my subscriber number. My bill show a 4 figure 'Abone' but Garanti is asking for a 9 character entry. Can anyone help me figure out what I need please? Thanks Jonathan
  10. ScoobyZ

    My water linked to communal showers and taps.

    Hi I have a holiday home on a site with 3 other houses. We have a shared pool with 2 showers either end and two taps. Ironically the showers and taps are not near my place. When we arrived on Saturday we turned our water on and one of the showers came on. We have tested and it seems that these...
  11. W

    Registering new water meter

    Going back to Turkey in a few weeks and need to get a new water meter as our old one has given up the ghost. I believe a new meter (pre pay type) can be bought at a DIY type shop and I know there is one in Yalikavak near bus station, am I correct in thinking I can get one there? Also how do I...
  12. j in bo

    Water collection

    After the helpful advice and direction last week on underfloor heating, I would like to ask experience of collecting water. Although only a small plot, I am a Keen gardener. The area is supplied by water tanker, making it expensive and controlled for our new property we are upgrading. I would...
  13. S

    British Tourists treated to a welcome Water Arch..

    British tourists who flew from the United Kingtom to Turkey’s popular Aegean holiday resort town of Bodrum on the first direct flight were welcomed at the airport with a water arch. Excellent!! Scheduled flights through the winter..??? Article Here
  14. I

    Leaking water tank

    Does anyone in the Side Kemer area know of someone who can fit a new water tank etc. We have had two plumbers, visit three times between them, paid both times, and problem still not sorted. Think we may need a new tank etc but who do you trust to do the job? Any ideas
  15. M

    Water dispensers

    Hi, Has anyone seen any offers on water dispensers please, the ones where they are both hot and cold water. Would prefer the ones where the water goes at the bottom of the machine but I don't mind either way. Thanks
  16. R

    Council tax water and electric

    Help I have just moved to Turgutries from the uk. I am rentin a place from an agent. Do i have to pay council tax? Also how do i get water bills or electric bills or do i just take my tenancy agreement to the local council to pay. The electric is in my name which was done at the aydem by the...
  17. W

    Water meter problem

    The display on our pre pay card type water meter has gone totally blank, does anyone know if there is a battery inside somewhere? Not only is it impossible to see how much water we have left on credit but will not be able to register any top up on the card, our meter is a white one where most of...
  18. S

    Municipal Water v Well Water

    Can anyone advise as to what is involved in procuring municipal water services. We currently have free well water but have been told that obtaining municipal water is now a mandatory requirement ! If anyone had experience of this then I would like to hear what is involved. Thanks
  19. M

    Water bill

    Hi all Can anybody tell me if we can pay our water bill on-line through the bank. We are with the HSBC in Turkey and pay our electric and wi-fi that way when we’re back in England, by just clicking on the drop down list - we’re with Aydem and Vodaphonenet - but I can’t find anything on the...
  20. Akasya

    Water heater

    We have a water heater fitted under our stairs , a beko , now on its tenth birthday . Developed a drip leak from the underside . First run of hot water each day is discoloured yellow / orange . Is it time to have it replaced or can they be fixed ? Thanks , Steve
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