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    How to get the water/Electricity change to our name.

    Hi There. Having recently bought a property in Kusadasi How do we go about changing the water and electricity from our estate agens name to our own. Things are going a bit stale with the estate agent and we want to sever all ties with him. Both water and electricity are in his name at the...
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    Cost of water/Electricity charges.

    Hi All. We've just bought a villa in Turkey and one of the estate agents charges was 1500 euro for water and electricity connection. On further investigation I discovered that this just might be way too expensive. When I quieried this with the real estate agent She sent me the following replay...
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    Water/Electricity and council tax registration

    We have heard today that our title deeds are ready to be transferred into our name (Hooray!!) Our agent has asked that we also pay £250 for water/electricity and council tax registration. Before we transfer any more monies to him, could someone advise as to whether this figure seems reasonable...
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