1. juco

    EU,Banks,Brexit. Worth watching

    It maybe worth keeping an eye on this....
  2. S

    Really worth watching

    This is absolutely brilliant both because it's true and not holywood guff and also because the escapees are true heroes
  3. S

    Attending rather than watching on tv

    It's always been an ambition of mine to go to some La Liga games and now with my newly adopted homeland I hope to make that a reality Have been to Valencia match with my heroes Celtic for a CL game a few years back but to be able to go quite often to watch Spanish games for me is awesome The...
  4. H

    Watching florin Selimiye

    I'm in selimiye at the moment, up in the hills with a terrible broadband does anybody know if any of the bars/restaurants show 3 o'clock matches Sorry about the title should read football
  5. bickern

    BBC have YouTube channel for watching content.

    The BBC have a youtube page, they put videos and stuff on there but not full TV shows. Might be of interest to some. :ukflag:
  6. christella

    worth watching

  7. MiddleEarth

    Big Brother is watching us in Turkey

    Turkey's telecom body given more power to monitor internet users Turkey’s Telecommunications Directorate (TİB) has been granted the authority to monitor Internet users and block websites and their content without court permission, according to a new proposal made by the ruling party late Sept...
  8. the bueman

    On the BOX....stuff worth watching.

    Hi Guys Here is a new series starting on CBS....based on true character. His genius and computer programming skills helped catch the Boston Bombers. SCORPION......Scorpion: How an Irish genius saved the world Can be watched using OffsideStreams ? Log In Plus you get to watch other live...
  9. S

    People watching

    Sitting here on beautiful Fethiye harbour front, Efes in hand, just chilling, people watching. Now what I find annoying is it would appear Sleepys trend setting " manbag" craze has reached here. Though thankfully can never see it reaching ultra conservative/ traditional Umbongo!!!!
  10. Dalaman Deli

    Watching the World Cup

    We have customers who are coming out in June and want to watch the world cup at their villa. They have an old satellite dish in the garden and asked if it could be set up for this purpose. According to the TV man here it can't. He says they need to set up a package on the internet, but the...
  11. amanda b

    Any Blades watching the game in Altinkum tomorrow?

    Are there any Blades in Altinkum? Where is everyone watching the game tomorrow? Would like to be somewhere with a bit of atmosphere
  12. H

    Watching English TV in Turkey

    Hey guys what's the easiest way to uk tv x
  13. bickern

    For those MEN not watching TV _ Women Keep out

    Well to keep all the guys amused and entertained and thinking of Turkey, for your eyes only yeni y?l yeni y?l yeni y?l 8 - YouTube Ok if your a woman you can watch too because you can't obviously read.
  14. carolk

    Has anyone been watching The Jury?

    I have loved it and Julie Walters. Its the last one tonight, what do you think the verdict will be?
  15. A89

    Dongle internet for watching uktv

    Is it possible to use dongle internet to watch uktv? At the moment I have a landline from Turk Telekom and unlimited internet from TTnet (52tl per month package) . Im thinking of getting rid of the landline as I have so many problems with wiring for the telephone and Im about to have wiring...
  16. v6cod

    Bird Watching trip

    Went on a bird watching trip today, started off driving up to Alan a high plateau above Koycegiz. Birds seen Northern Wheatear, Isabelline Wheatear, Whinchat (juvenile), Masked Shrike (juvenile), Red backed Shrike (female). On the drive back to Koycegiz spotted a Woodchat Strike on the...
  17. John O' Dreams

    Spooks watching Apple i'ers

    Apple devices logging users' movements Two British security researchers have said the latest version of Apple's operating system for the iPhone and the iPad is constantly recording the location of the devices and storing the information in a hidden file. Alasdair Allan and Pete Warden said the...
  18. L

    Watching Digiturk in UK

    Hi, wasnt sure which section to post this in as although it is tv/sat question it is UK based rather than Turkey........ We have had a great big static sat dish on the side of our house so that my husband can watch Turkish TV in UK - especially Fenerbahce and Turkey games. It is a bit...
  19. culturevulture

    watching sky tv in turkey

    Has anyone heard of or used this service to watch tv in Turkey???? Please. Freesat cards: Use a Freesat viewing card to watch UK TV in Europe for Free: Insat International. Mary.
  20. saffie

    Astonishing and well worth watching

    Login | Facebook Really amazing how this blind Turkish man can do this when many sighted people would never manage to get this right. Wow! Really touched me. saffie
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