1. S

    Washington Mall shooter was Turkish

    PHOTOS: Arcan Cetin, Cascade Mall Shooting Suspect in Burlington, Washington | Heavy.com
  2. ceemac

    Turkish Embassy Washington

    I visited the website of the Turkish Embassy in Washington recently looking for something, and was quite surprised at the poor translation on the site. I would have thought that a much more professional attempt would have been made to portray the image of the country, particularly in such a...
  3. VWBug

    Imperial Costumes of Ottomans' exhibition opens in Washington, D.C.

    usaturkishtimes: ImageFeaturing a total of 70 pieces, most of the items displayed in the exhibition are from the Topkapı Palace Museum and the rest from the Mevlana Museum in Konya and the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg Featuring samples of Ottoman couture from the 16th and 17th centuries...
  4. G

    Turkey Embassy Site in Washington

    The Turkish Embassy site in Washington has a wealth of information about Turkey. Please see http://www.turkishembassy.org/start.html There is a small collection of video clips on this site as well.
  5. merlin

    Turkey-US-Iraq security meeting in Washington....

    Officials from Turkey, the US and Iraq are to meet in Washington today to discuss measures to combat the presence of the terrorist organisation the PKK in northern Iraq Ankara wants the US and Iraq to take greater measures to combat the PKK’s activities and eliminate its bases in northern...
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