1. Manxman

    Washing machine repair

    Do Akbuk members know of anyone who can repair a washing machine? I did get the Siemens agents out, but they want 1000 Turkish lira. Thank you Jeff
  2. A

    Washing Machine Anyone Please?

    Does anybody have a working washing machine in Side please? Any make and any model as long as it works well. Thank you. :yipee:
  3. Freedom 49

    For Sale. New, Brabantia Wallfix Retractable Washing Line

    If anyone around Side is in need of this item at their home, I would very much welcome a PM or a call in the office here just along from The Anadolu Hospital, we are between the Hanay Hotel and the large Butcher's shop. Book cases outside, you really can't miss us! A customer returned to their...
  4. C

    Washing Machine Repair

    Happy New Year to Everyone Can anyone recommend someone to repair my washing machine in the Yalikavak area. It won't pump the water out. Thank you.
  5. V

    Washing Machine & Oven for Sale

    FOR SALE IN TURGUTREIS Arcelik Washing Machine & Oven for sale, both in good working condition. 200 TL Each. Please PM for viewing.
  6. M

    Washing of Towels

    Not sure where to put this thread - sorry if it is wrong. Some time ago, someone on here had a tip about towel washing. I have trawled back through the various threads to 2006 and I can't find it! When towels have to be dried indoors, they always seem stiff and not soft and fluffy...
  7. suzyq

    Arçelik or Vestel washing machine?

    My 9 year old Beko washing machine needs to be replaced. I have been looking at the Vestel range also Arçelik, who make Beko as well and can't decide which brand to go for as they both do what I want and prices are about the same. I was wondering how good the service is of either company should...
  8. W

    Washing machine for sale

    arcelik washing machine for sale available from 2nd April as new £75
  9. LyndaW

    Laundry in Alanya for Duvet washing?

    Does anyone know of a laundry in Alanya that has big enough machines to wash duvet's. Thanks Lynda
  10. D

    washing machine repairs

    Does anyone have the contact no for a reliable non rip off engineer that could repair my washing machine please? I think the pump is either blocked or needs replacing as the water isn't fully draining so it can't spin (I've checked the filter and there was nothing in it)
  11. W

    Washing machine sale

    We have an Arclik washing machine for sale little use,available 31st may yalikavak area £150:)
  12. Ceni

    Large capacity Bosch Washing Machine

    For those in the Fethiye area or further afield if you have transport. I have one of the large capacity Bosch washers for sale. I'm waiting for a picture and the dimensions to be forwarded to me and will post these later. The washer is about 3 years old, but as we had a smaller 2nd machine it...
  13. J

    Help! washing machine door won't open!

    I can't open my washing machine door and I don't understand the Turkish instructions on the front of it!Somebody please!
  14. R

    Free Gift With Washing Machine

    Hi Folks, I was sitting in the queue in Nat West here in sunny Newcastle-upon-Tyne when I got chatting to a lady sitting next to me. She was telling me that she had got a bus into the town (or the toon as we like to call it!) when the driver kept stopping the bus getting off and talking to...
  15. A

    washing and ironing service

    Morning All, Another glorious sunny day, but we are only here two more days then away to colder climates......never mind we now have an apartment and wont be long till we are back for good......hopefully. Does anyone know a washing and ironing service around Bodrum area, such as a laundrette...
  16. jandj

    Rotary washing lines

    We're lucky enough to have a large enough garden to set up a rotary washing line. The washing dries very quickly and has proved more than useful. I'm about to drive out again, for the last time, and wondered has anyone seen any rotary washing lines for sale in Turkey, cos if not, I'll bring one...
  17. E

    For sale living room suite, washing machine, fridge freezer and wardrobe

    I have just bought the entire contents of someone's apartment to help furnish our new place. However, we do already have some things ourselves, so here is a list of items I would like to sell: 1 Arcelik silver washing machine, hardly used, 100 Euro 1 Regal fridge freezer, tall model, as good...
  18. D

    washing line pole

    Does anyone know if you can buy [and where] a washing line pole, the kind of thing that goes in the middle of the line to hold it up?? thanks. And yes i know i live a very exciting life...lol
  19. L

    Liquid Washing Powder?

    Does anyone know, if I can get Liquid Washing Powder in Dalyan? Last year I was in several supermarkets, but could'nt find it.
  20. KEDDI

    Any one selling a washing machine ??

    Looking for a washing machine in good condition as mine broken. If any for sale, please let me know (3rd beach area/Altinkum) Many thanks
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