1. S

    Pressure washer

    Hi, does anyone know where we can get a pressure washer to clean out our pool in the Bodrum area please and what sort of price we'd be looking at? Hubby checked them out last year before we moved and seems to think they are around 1200tl? Thanks Sara
  2. djmagic

    washer g-tee

    what does a washing machine g-tee cover . im looking at getting a washer (vestel shop turgurtreis) and was wondering if parts and labour are covered or just parts?? any help or advice , many thanks in advance..
  3. G

    Beko washer

    Does anyone know where I can get parts for a Beko washing machine.Place I bought from has closed.
  4. S

    dish washer

    any body marmaris icmeler area selling a silver dish washer ,beech chest of draws and bed side cabinet lamps ect.:thanks
  5. E

    Washer & Dryer US type - question.

    ok gang....I know probably this is dumb question but am gonna go ahead and shoot anyways. got no other way around it. do appliance stores in Turkey carry same type of Washer & Dryer used in the States...did some research but came up empty handed..... as i said it may and most probably it is a...
  6. R

    Washer broken?

    I've posted this before,but there have been lots of new members since then. If you have a wonky washer,fridge,cooker etc,drop me a line or post on the forum,i may be able to give some advice as to the problem and the solution,and its free :)...who said you don't get owt 4 nowt ;).Rick. :)
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