1. Tenpin

    Displaced Syrians wary of coronavirus

    https://www.hurriyetdailynews.com/displaced-syrians-wary-of-coronavirus-risk-return-to-war-torn-idlib-153805 Displaced Syrians wary of coronavirus risk return to war-torn Idlib Thousands of displaced Syrians have begun moving back to their homes in war-torn Idlib province despite the risk of...
  2. A89

    Are couples wary of befriending single people?

    I was chatting to a friend recently about friendships. My friend commented that they thought I may encounter problems making new friends because Im single. I have never really thought about this before because Im naturally a very friendly outgoing person,or, as my kids would say 'she speaks to...
  3. Mushtaq

    Turks wary of nuclear project

    Turks wary of nuclear project By Sarah Rainsford BBC News, Sinop, Turkey Besides one of the busiest streets in Sinop a group of middle-aged ladies appeal for signatures. They call themselves Mothers Against Nuclear Power. The women have been campaigning for several weeks now, ever...
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