1. IbrahimAbi

    Ticks, warning

    This year there seems to be a proliferation of ticks (kene in Turkish) in Turkey. In our area we blame the warm winter. Even in our field which is closed to animals we have found a huge number. they can be carried by tortoises and hedgehogs too. We have removed every hedgehog (put them in an...
  2. Sha Hoorsur


    If you receive an email with the heading. S Club7's greatest hits. Don't open it. It contains S Club7's greatest hits.
  3. K

    Antalya weather warning

    I posted this on the F & C thread but thought it might be better to separate it. Keep safe wherever you are. It's not usual for the foreign Office to spread a weather warning so things may be rough. On 10 December the Turkish authorities issued a red weather warning for the Antalya area...
  4. K

    HMRC Warning

    Taken from today's International Adviser. HMRC is currently consulting on new powers to drop the requirement to apply to a tax tribunal before submitting information requests to third parties. The move will also see third parties lose the right to appeal against data requests, except in...
  5. juco

    DVLA Warning!

    Received a letter (not email or text message) from the DVLA informing road tax was due. My wife started the process to pay online then thought I don't think it is due, so phoned the DVLA and was informed it was not from them and tax not due until October. Obviously another scam.
  6. S

    Final warning 're trading insults

    In response to numerous complaints from members regarding personal animosities/ bickering matches /*exchanges of*insults- dominating certain threads it has been decided that for a trial period any future such flagrant breaches of the rules will result in immediate temporary suspension. These...
  7. K

    Warning of Poisonous Fish

    There are reports that fishermen in Bodrum have found the silver-cheek toadfish, a relative of the puffer fish, in their catches. This is a highly toxic species with enough venom in one fish to kill 30 adult humans. The poison is 1250 times more deadly than cyanide, carried in the liver...
  8. C

    driving - a warning

    Please be careful on the roads. Many people are drinking excessively and letting their wives drive.
  9. Sha Hoorsur

    Drink driving warning.

    DRINK DRIVING WARNING I know we car owners are responsible, but this is a warning to be careful about drink driving as we are getting close to Christmas. A couple of nights ago, I was out for a few drinks with some friends after work. One thing lead to another and I had a few too many pints and...
  10. S

    Dalyan Dentist - a warning

    This is a cautionary tale. I was in Dalyan when my bridge snapped. It was a three tooth bridge. I had four days left of my holiday and my tongue was sore due to a sharp piece of metal from where it snapped. I went to a dentist in Dalyan on Ataturk Bvd. He said he would have time to fit a new...
  11. G

    Word of warning for dog owners in Datca

    I felt as I needed to warn all other dog onwers out there of the dangers of their dog finding and eating poisen bait while out on their walks. Three days ago we lost our beautiful 10 month old Golden retriever while on her daily walk. She was never to return home. Walking the same walk for days...
  12. S

    Turkey attack warning?

    Reliable source or scaremongering ? Terrorists planning possible Anzac Day attack in Turkey - warning - BelfastTelegraph.co.uk
  13. K

    Warning; Pre-paid Bank/Credit cards

    We have both used a pre-loaded card for at least 4 years in Turkey. These cards look like a credit card; they carry the Mastercard symbol; they have the same consumer protection as an ordinary credit card. The only difference is no name, and the numbers are not embossed like a bank card. We use...
  14. altinkum kev

    Home removal warning

    Warning Dodgy Removal man........ ( Feel free to share ) I have just spent the last hour on the phone with the Turkish police, it seems that someone I gave a quote to for their house removal from Turkey to Bulgaria has be conned, I could not do the job within their budget and told them so on...
  15. juco

    Travel warning

    at Istanbul airport. LiveLeak.com - Sweden, world's best country
  16. teosgirl

    Warning over new terror attacks in France

    Warning Over New Terror Attacks In France Intelligence suggests that small groups of extremists are planning attacks in France and Belgium after leaving Syria. Charlotte
  17. suzyq

    ISIL attack warning for May 19

    Turkish police issued a confidential warning to provincial security directorates across the country’s 81 provinces, cautioning against imminent attacks by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) during Youth and Sports Day celebrations on May 19, security sources have stated. Police...
  18. suzyq

    U.S. Citizens Warning

    The U.S. Embassy in Ankara posted a travel restriction on its website on April 1 over security concerns in several cities, including İzmir and Muğla by the Aegean Sea, along with others in the east and southeast. “The U.S. Embassy in Ankara reminds U.S. citizens that due to the security...
  19. IbrahimAbi

    Warning from US Embassy

    The following warning has been given to US citizens in regard to the upcoming Kurdish and Iranian New Year celebrations. Take it as you wish TFLers but IMHO it is not the time to be in large groups in big cities. Stay safe. U.S. Embassy Ankara informs U.S. citizens that in light of recent events...
  20. suzyq

    Russia says it fired warning shots at Turkish ship

    The Russian Defense Ministry said on Dec. 13 that one of its warships, the destroyer Smetlivy, had been forced to fire warning shots at a Turkish vessel in the Aegean Sea to avoid a collision and that it had summoned the Turkish military attaché over the incident, according to Reuters. It said...
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