1. juco

    Global warming,so what happened to it.

    Predictions from 1989 U.N. Predicts Disaster if Global Warming Not Checked PETER JAMES SPIELMANNJune 30, 1989 This is the full version, HTH: https://www.apnews.com/bd45c372caf118ec99964ea547880cd0
  2. Sha Hoorsur


    WARMING!!! If youse gets a link called 'free porn' dont opin it?!!#* It is a birus wich deactivate you spellcheck and garblis up you riting. I also receibed it but lukily I dont does porn so I dint opin it. Warn al1 you vriends!!
  3. juco

    Proof of global warming

    Proof of global warming...........
  4. bal canavar

    Warming Act of Kindness

    In Istanbul, cold weather and an abnormally intense snowfall led to cancellation of classes in schools and around 500 international flights. To help man’s best friend, staff of one of the shopping centers showed extreme kindness and mercy. According to Turkish media, a shopping center in the...
  5. A

    Warming the swimming pool water.

    Not an original idea but I was wondering if anyone has done this and what were their experiences? A coil of 50 or so metres of 1/2 inch black hose pipe. Lay it in the sun and with a pump (preferably) solar powered. Pump the pool water through the system and back into the pool. Would it then...
  6. Sha Hoorsur

    Global warming

    We hear loads of gloom and doom stories from assorted scientific experts on the subject of Global warming. So when are we going to get some, the temperature in my little corner of Scotland has seldom reached double figures since last October. Starting to think it’s all a load of tosh. :ranting:
  7. B

    Global Warming??????????

    BBC News - Esa's Cryosat sees Arctic sea-ice volume bounce back Oh dear!!!!! This report will upset the "Climate Change" enthusiasts. Bill.
  8. Yalides

    Simple Things We Can Do To Stop Global Warming

    Global warming, real threat or scaremongering ?
  9. juco

    Australia also has global warming!

    Looks like it is more than just Europe thats heating up. Wintry weather brings snow to Australia in midsummer - Telegraph
  10. SuperBogs

    For all the na sayers of global warming

    By NIRMALA GEORGE, Associated Press Writer Nirmala George, Associated Press Writer – Wed Mar 24, 9:29 am ET NEW DELHI – For nearly 30 years, India and Bangladesh have argued over control of a tiny rock island in the Bay of Bengal. Now rising sea levels have resolved the dispute for them: the...
  11. barry budd

    global warming

    i think the experts must be right
  12. pineapple1

    Human Bed Warming Service !!!!

    'Human Bed Warming' Service Launched In UK - Yahoo! News UK Well this could interesting , ..But what happens if they get over heated ??? Do you think some wives might blow a fuse ..and if its ladies for the men will it be men for the ladies .....I'll check in to find out ..Diane...
  13. zozatky

    Global Warming in Hampshire.

    THE DIARY OF THE JOYS OF SNOW IN WATERLOOVILLE Jan 04th It's starting to snow. The first we've seen for years. The wife and I took our hot toddies and sat staring out of the garden window watching the fluffy soft flakes drift gently down, clinging to the trees and covering the ground. It's...
  14. arrian

    global warming?

    just been reading theMail, and experts are saying we're entering a mini ice over the next 20-30 years! where's global warming gone then?????????? :confused::confused::confused::confused: :gulme::gulme::gulme:
  15. ted j

    So man made global warming is a myth

    Have a read of this The great climate change science scandal - Times Online While I think recycling is a good thing, why then are we being penalised by everthing not "green" costing more if it isn't going to make any difference to the world or is it another stealth tax that we don't feel...
  16. stephenbrown

    Global warming ! Fact or Fabrication

    There's been a lot of talk about Global warming melting the icecaps causing major droughts and rising sea levels etc etc.... I think the world is being conned again by those in power...bent on causing hysteria for their own gain. I read an article recently which swayed me greatly into...
  17. bobthenob

    fat people are the main cause of global warming

    l didn't write this,so please no back lash from the fatties. Written by Peter Aveyard,Date of publish 3/8/2007 Big fat slob Sharon Mevsimler has been told to loose weight or she will die within months. Sharon, from Essex, has complained of being left to die by the NHS. "They haven’t helped me...
  18. J

    Warming Up?

    According to the BBC website the temperature in Turgutreis on Monday should be 26c which is a lot warmer than of late - and drier and sunnier too. I'm flying out on Monday for a week. Is it warm on the ground there? Hope so. Jonathan
  19. peter the postie

    Warming up

    Looks like summers coming fast in turkey. I just scanned a couple of long range forecasts and next weeks temeratures climb steadily daily to 77 degrees by next Sunday :36: Lovely :high5:
  20. R

    Reduce Global Warming Tomorrow

    Tomorrow Saturday 29th March, you can show that you want to help reduce Global Warming by turning off the lights and other electronical equipment in your home (also switch off the standby function) for one hour between 8 pm and 9 pm. Reflect for that one hour (by candle light) with friends and...
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