1. S

    Keeping Apartment Warm in Winter

    I was told by someone that you can now get internal insulation in your apartment as older complexes have none, but does anyone know if this is effective with keeping the place warm and the cost for a 2 bedroom apartment? Our air conditioner and radiator heater struggles to keep the apartment...
  2. Yildez Datca

    Warm winter clothing appeal.

    Some members may remember the project to knit warm winter hats for Syrian refugee children in the Diyarbakir camp. It has been ongoing for 2 winters now, and the Datca ladies are still knitting. However, the organisation I've been working with is no longer running transports, just too dangerous...
  3. juco

    Are you prepared to stay warm.

  4. stmary

    keeping warm in the winter in Turkey

    Hi , been to turkey many times in all seasons and know it gets cold in the winter , but to live there what do you use for heating in the coldest times there. Also would you live in a new house and are they built better for the cold . thank you .
  5. R

    Aircon blowing Warm Air

    Two of my aircon units now blow out luke warm air instead of cold,any suggestions why!!!!
  6. SonnyJim

    Are we keeping warm?!

    Well there have been a few threads giving advice re heating in the winter. Now winter is really here, how are we all doing?? We heat one large room with a wood burning stove and now it is really cold the warmest we can get it is 20 degrees without any other source of heat. That is fine for...
  7. H

    At least ‘asylum seekers in UK’ will be warm this winter

    Here’s a thought to warm your heart. Although tens of thousands of impoverished British pensioners will die from the cold in the coming months, so-called asylum seekers will get hundreds of pounds each in benefit payments for gas and electricity, amounting to more than double the pensioners’...
  8. Sunny Seasider

    How Do you all keep warm in Turkey?

    Well having just spent a week over in our Apartment in Yalikavak, we had some very pleasant sunny days, but it was a bitterly cold wind. I know it's not even winter yet, but how do you all keep warm??? We had Aircon heat on, but of course because not well insulated builds, as soon as it went...
  9. C

    specia keep warm winter Turkey No 3

    Today I have big surprise. Special lady friend come and she say she think I have no problem get old becaus I sit happy in my poo poo. I see what she say.Since I discoverr forum I not stop and table full beer bottle and crum and now only half 5 lt big bottl wine from Lidl. Big mess. Ok here...
  10. C

    How you keep warm cheep No 2

    Here special advice you keep warm winter time. I have car seat heat device from old car. I put on sofa chair. I use wire to car battery. I use wire from battery to solarpanel on balcony . Big panel need. Mine 100 watt and regulater. Ok for single man. Need no central heat. Ladies prefr central...
  11. G

    Mains Water - Why Is It warm this year?

    We have just returned back for our annual pilgramage to Akbuk! Quite strange this year was how warm both the sea water was and also the mains supplied cold water to the house. Normally a cold water shower is very refreshing out in Akbuk, however this year the water was constantly warm and you...
  12. K

    Warm welcome

    :horn:Thanks guys for the lovely welcome and your support with my search. I have so much to ask and learn so be prepared, ha ha ha. Oh and I hope to get the hang of the forum system asap. Speak sooooon!
  13. M

    Keeping warm in winter?!!

    Hi We are only 4 weeks away from moving out to our new home in Yalikavak. I have finished work today and the enormity of what we are about to do is just hitting home. Getting slightly neurotic probably, but, can't help wondering if the heat from the air conditioning units will keep us warm...
  14. S

    How long is it still warm in Turkey ??

    Just wondering...... uptill what time of the year is the weather still warm in Turkey ?? Well I suppose it depends from area to area, but uptil when can you comfortably stay at home without having a fire ?? Or until when can you swim in a pool ???
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