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    ex pats fed up and wanting to leave Turkey

    Getting fed up of so many ex pats complaining and moaning about the changes here in Turkey and wanting to go back to the UK The islamification changes that are and `might` happen in the future here in Turkey both economically and politically are if it happens not really going to affect the...
  2. S

    wanting to rent an apartment

    looking at renting a furnished apartment for 3 months, july aug and sep for about 400 - 500 tl a month ... either on a atturk boulvard area or 2nd beach. please let me know if you have anything.
  3. V

    anyone wanting transfer to or from antalya airport this winter

  4. L

    Wanting to rent propertie Altinkum 2010

    Hello I am looking to rent a property for 2-4 weeks (depending on price) in Altinkum. They would only be me and my partner so can be anything between 1-3 bed. Would have to have balconie/terrace if penthouse then that a PLUS :). Please PM me Thank You
  5. H

    wanting to marry in bodrum

    hi im new to this forum and need some help.im english with a turkish fiance.we want to get married in bodrum this year.i know i have to get paperwork etc but i need help in finding somewhere to get married.we want the equivalent of a registry office,i am divorced and on 16th april my 300 days is...
  6. B

    Wanting To Buy A Villa In Yalikavak And Need Help

    Hi everyone, i am new to this forum and interested in buying a villa in turkey to spend about 6 months a year here. I want to live in yalikavak by the sea...the problem is that agents seem to show widely differing prices! I was looking for a very luxury 4 bed with pool, guest house, over...
  7. R

    Wanting small apartment to rent?

    Hi I am looking to rent a small apartment or small house in the Bodrum area mid September. Probably looking at a one to two month rent. If anybody owns an apartment they would like to rent out, or knows anybody - for a reasonable price, please can you PM me. The place will be well looked...
  8. T

    More newbies here - but wanting to sell up :-(

    Hi there all, my wife Rahme and I, have a small apartment in a nice new very small block of just 6 in Calis Beach. We bought it new around 2 years ago, but we think we may now sell it . Our builders ( Sevenhills Estates, owned and run by Efendi Alaskan ) have been "managing" things but our...
  9. C

    wanting to learn Turkish

    Hi everyone we are new to the forum and would like to say think it is great! We would really love to learn to speak some turkish does anybody know if there is a teacher in the Alanya area? Thanks
  10. G

    wanting to verify dog transport info

    Hello All, I have three dogs (two small, one medium) and will be relocating to Adana in February from the US. I wanted to verify some info I have read. First, is it true that a dog cannot fly cargo unaccompanied? I will not be able to bring my medium siz dog until the weather warms a bit...
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    wanting to spend the rest of my life in turkey

    Hi my names diane and i would like to live in turkey because the people are so friendly there and the weather is nice and i have a boyfriend that lives there. I live alone in wales and have just sold my house and would like to buy a property in turkey i need all the help and advice i can get...
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