1. C

    Wanna have an Turkish nonnative english speaker friend ?

    Hello everybody, I am a 44 yers old well-travelled Turkish woman.I live about 1 hour drive from Antalya.I love travelling and meeting different cultures than mine.I have been to about 30 countries so far and i want to see more.I speak fluent english and some german.I am looking for expat...
  2. D

    Bikers(or wanna be's) of the world unite!

    Just thought i would start a chat for those on the site that have at some time biked either as a rider or pillion-share experiences and plans for the summer. Myself i started riding when i was about 13 on an old bsa goldstar i bought for 10 quid to track about off road--my first on road bike was...
  3. mollag

    What i wanna know is!

    Cos im rained in with cabin fever, just for laffs Why do all the chocolate ads on Turkish TV have catwalk models going into orgasmic raptures and eating with their eyes shut? Ive tried it, missed me mouth twice and very few led me to rapture. :hungry:
  4. S

    I wanna feel good

    Hi Is there anybody who wants to meet me face to face and discuss about everything ? If yes ; please be in contact with me via email Its no matter whereever you've been at the Mediterranean between Marmaris...
  5. Mushtaq

    Psssst wanna see some pics???

    I have created an online picture album from our last visit to Akbuk, there are a few pictures of Akbuk and some of our house. I will add more pictures over time, got too many to go through. http://www.CapturedThis.com Mushtaq
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