1. N

    Wallpaper not sticking.

    Can anyone help - we bought our grandson a mural for his bedroom and it went up brilliantly on Saturday, however, all the edges have peeled back and now just refuse to stick to the wall. We've tried overlap glue and completely soaking the paper - which is actually vinyl - and wall - Im seriously...
  2. icebern09

    Picking off wallpaper..

    For those people who like squeazing spots, picking off wallpaper,picking scabs etc (and I know your out there) I have found a new pastime. I have just spent a happy 15/20 minutes with a toothbrush and skewer cleaning out the drum of my dyson type hoover. Amazing how relaxing I found it,as...
  3. Ian


    Anyone know of where you can possibly get wallpaper in Didim ?.
  4. L


    I hope I am not breaking any rules here but I wanted to let everyone know that there is now a source for good quality wallpaper in Fethiye. It s a large range of modern and classic paper imported from Germany and at a good price. The price includes preparation and hanging. Anyone interested...
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