1. S

    Walking group?

    Hi all, I'll be spending Christmas in Fethiye and looking at different ways of keeping myself busy. I like walking and was wondering if there is an active walking group around Fethiye? Thanks
  2. suzyq

    Baby flamingos start walking in Tuz Lake

    I would love to see that. Flamingo chicks that hatched in the Tuz Lake (Salt Lake) in central Turkey have started walking, creating a visual feast for photographers. Around 10,000 flamingo couples incubate there every year, making Tuz Lake one of their most important breeding grounds. Baby...
  3. A89

    Pet sitting / dog walking.

    Do you have an important event to go to or simply wanting to get away from the heat of summer for a while but not wanting to disrupt your pets routine? Then don’t worry! Dogs, cats and other pets can be cared for in the comfort of their own home by a lady with many years experience of a wide...
  4. A

    dog walking

    I will be in dalyan over the new year and want to take dogs from the dog shelter for walks in the daytime ie mornings possibly every day I hear this is possible do any of you have info on this cheers .........Dan
  5. M

    Walking Sticks

    Why has nobody invented a square walking stick? After having to give in and use a blasted stick because of my hip, it has become a “pain” of it’s own! It doesn’t matter where I lean it, the effing thing falls over. I have a wrist strap and one of those thingys that slide up and down to “hold”...
  6. M

    Walker/rollator walking aid

    FOR SALE ROLLATOR WALKER Three wheel walker/rollator - great for anyone who has mobility/ balance problems. Shaped hand grips and brakes which can be locked. Sturdy but light and foilds for ease of storage. Lightly used and in excellent condition 85tl ono TEL 02522623004 MOB 05356020396
  7. P

    Walking Group Yalikavak

    I wondered if anyone knew if there is a walking group in Yalikavak. If not an existing group , do people think there is any merit in trying to form one. I saw info on . . . Goturkey.com Bodrum. walking trails on the Bodrum peninsular. ( Sorry, Cant put up a link ) . I'm not talking major...
  8. Jaycey

    Walking Eagle

    On a recent trip to the United States , Tony Blair, Ex. Prime Minister of the UK , addressed a major gathering of Native Americans. He spoke for almost an hour on his plans for a CarbonTrading Tax for the UK and Europe At the conclusion of his speech, the crowd presented him with a plaque...
  9. W


    Does anyone know of any walking maps like ordnance survey please? If no maybe someone else likes walking and knows some routes? We're not planning a hire car so need to start from town or beach. Thanks.
  10. M

    walking group

    Hi i'v heard there's a guy who takes walking groups into the hills and then for a turkish breakfast has anyone got any info on this?
  11. D

    advice required thinking of walking away

    7 years ago I purchased a property which at the time 60k.2 apartments actually and had them knocked into 1.lots and lots of problems since and no Tapu but now it's come to the point in time where I walk away or stump up another £7,500 in the off chance we may win in a court. 1. Should I walk...
  12. Yalides

    The Importance of walking

    Walking can add minutes to your life. This enables you at 85 years old to spend an additional 5 months in a nursing home at £4,000 per month. My grandpa started walking five miles a day when he was 60. Now he's 97 years old and we have no idea where the hell he is. I like long walks...
  13. ExG

    Walking in the Hills

    I'm coming to Marmaris in 17 days and I have walking sandals for the casual walks along the coast etc, but can anyone tell me if it's worth packing hiking boots and a compass and wander up a short way into the hills behind Marmaris. ExG
  14. T

    walking the Lycian Way

    Im looking for a good 3 day walk for a UK based walking group. Im thinking of the first part of the Lycian Way. I have the Kate Clow guide book. Does anyone know how hard it would be to walk from Oludeniz to Kabak in one day. Her book suggests 7 hrs? The Olive Garden Pansion is a great place to...
  15. B

    Altinkum Sea Front

    Well they have started but will they finish in time? that is a lot of blocks and a lot of work to do in 12 weeks, but saying that when they get started the Turkish workers can really get a move on.
  16. arrian

    WALKING Octopus?????

    see the video! 'Where are you headed, dude?': Incredible video shows octopus heave itself from the water and WALK on dry land | Mail Online
  17. jenifer

    Walking with Red Indians

    Two Indians and I Were walking through the woods. All of a sudden one of the Indians Ran up a hill to the mouth of a small cave. "Wooooo! Wooooo! Wooooo!" He called into the cave and listened closely Until he heard an answering, "Wooooo! Wooooo! Wooooo!" He then tore off his clothes And ran...
  18. John LeNeve

    Walking Dead

    Don't know if the Walking Dead is broadcast in the UK but if it is.... What about Shane popping Otis? What would you have done? Personally I think Shane is losing it but I might have done the same thing. Totally gruesome epsiode. They are showing replays of the feeding scenes. Gross....
  19. scousemouse

    Walking trails

    Are there any waymarked footpaths or trails around the area? We don't mind spending the day walking as long as there is somewhere to aim for, lunch or a drink would be nice but we are quite happy to take a packed lunch with us. We often meander along the coast, is this possible?
  20. B

    walking groups?Dalyan

    Hi All Alan here I have some rental guests arriving in Dalyan July 30 2011 and at least one is a keen walker. Are there any walking groups or planned walks that my guest can link to and join in. All advice appreciate. xx
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