1. J

    Bridge to link Scotland and Wales via the Isle of Man

    Scotland and Wales 'could form own country' if Britain votes to leave EU | Home News | News | The Independent Now what date is it?
  2. A

    Well done Wales in Six Nations Rugby Today

    So Wales actually beat Ireland 23 to 16 - - well done Wales - - am sure Mike is having that extra Efes at Nico/s bar now!
  3. bickern

    Muslim population of England and Wales almost doubled over a 10-year period

    Although a news item I have put in the back room for the same reasons as JanetClarke. In another ten years it will have expanded further, therefore people are going to have to wake up to the fact that things will change in the UK as Muslims will be standing for election both locally and...
  4. teosgirl

    Wales left out of govt flood cash

    Wales 'Left Out' Of Govt Floods Clean-Up Cash The welsh have their own government and Wales (also Scotland) have a total population smaller than that of London. Speaking after that visit, the Minister for Natural Resources, Alun Davies, said: "I am encouraged to see the Prime Minister...
  5. C

    Wales to Bodrum

    Can you tell me which airlines fly direct to Bodrum from Cardiff in the summer months please, and who are often the cheapest?? thanks. :307bt:
  6. kemerkid

    3.8 Magnitude earthquake fealt in Wales

    A 3.8 Magnitude earthquake in the Irish Sea fealt in Abersoch North Wales. Much shake rattle and roll, at this rate they will soon require the design services of Turkish architects.
  7. S

    Holidaying in Wales?

    Watching a lot of ads these days from the Welsh tourist board and it looks gorgeous. It's one country I have never visited but keep promising myself I will. Anyone experience of holidays there
  8. Yalides

    Wales v Ireland

    23-3 to Ireland at half time. Dominating the game so far.
  9. T

    Woman found dead Wales

    UK Weather: Elderly Woman Found Dead In Flooded Home In North Wales A woman has been found dead in her flooded home, it is awful, I feel for the family. The floods are destroying people's homes which is dreadful and some sadly lose their life.
  10. janA

    Five year old girl missing in Wales last night

    Police search for missing five-year-old girl, April Jones, in Wales - Crime - UK - The Independent Possible abduction lets all pray she found safe and sound
  11. Mushtaq

    World skinny dipping record attempted in Wales

    Hundreds of people strip off and jump into the freezing cold sea off the Welsh coast in an effort to break the world record for a naked dip. The mass skinny dip took place on Gower beach at Rhossili to raise money for Marie Curie Cancer Care and the National Trust. At 8:30am Sunday morning...
  12. S

    Wales for a holiday

    Having visited in excess of 30 countries around the world I am always on the look out for pastures new closer to home With the recent tv advertising really promoting Wales and having started some research on it I find it a fascinating prospect and definetely looks well worth a visit Any tips...
  13. teosgirl

    ITV wales investigates Kusadasi based property scam

    Here's a link to the online video available for those with either a British IP, or an IP hider such as expat shield. S4/Clic Y Byd ar Bedwar The programme focuses on a welsh couple who are being evicted from their villa in Kusadasi because of a property scam. Worth watching, Charlotte...
  14. C

    ITV wales tonight

    There was a story on ITV WALES tonight about a couple from Rhyl in North Wales who stand to loose their life savings of £200.000 after a property scam in the Kusadasi area. They have lawyers now taking this to court in Turkey and want to warn others. I didn't catch the name of the property firm...
  15. arrian

    and she's from Wales!!

    Julia Gillard becomes Australia's first female prime minister | World news |
  16. ceemac

    Hong Kong pull off historic Sevens win over Wales

    Hong Kong pulled off one of the biggest upsets in the history of World Sevens on Saturday with a last-gasp victory against world champions Wales. Meanwhile it was business as usual for emerging favourites New Zealand and Fiji as a lacklustre Samoa, widely tipped to win at the start of the...
  17. S

    Well Done Wales

    Outrageous contraption-should be banned everywhere BBC News - Wales the first part of the UK to ban pet shock collars
  18. Ceni

    From snowy Wales

    Hello Everyone. Just thought I'd pop you all a message to let you know how I'm getting on. I'm settled with my friends, really quite enjoying the freshness of the snow and country air, it's bracing :lol: My treatment has started already and I've already had another biopsy and tests....lost...
  19. B

    Sally from North Wales

    Hi, I have posted a few threads on this forum and realised I have not introduced myself. Myself and my husband Alastair are looking to buy a property in Turkey, we were originally looking in Cape Verde but thought it was too expensive and under developed. We are coming out to view a villa in the...
  20. M

    2 Bedroomed, detatched chalet for sale Wales

    I have a nice chalet for sale. 10 years still on the lease, New kitchen and completely equipped for four people, only thing you need to take are your sheets and food. Tv, Dvd player, video player, hi-fi mini, bathroom with shower, double room and two singles beds in the other. New Quay, Wales...
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