1. G

    Waiting for the Tulips to Bloom: Adrift in Istanbul

    If you've been enjoying my posts about life in Istanbul, you'll love my new book "Waiting for the Tulips to Bloom: Adrift in Istanbul". Get the real story behind my move to Istanbul! Click on the link to buy your copy now. Waiting for the Tulips to Bloom: Adrift in Istanbul: Lisa Morrow...
  2. M

    Waiting for Employment Letter from Turkish Higher Education Board (YÖK)

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if any non-Turkish university instructors know anything about when the Turkish Higher Education Board (YÖK) will issue our employment letters for the current semester. My director was originally told that all employment letters would be issued by YÖK on September...
  3. immac

    Back To UK - HMRC Is Waiting

    Telegraph article for those thinking of going back to UK: Extract: "When it comes to tax issues relating to the time before you left the country, you should not assume that spending a few years abroad wipes the slate clean as far as HMRC is concerned. Once you return to the UK, HMRC is likely...
  4. S

    No waiting outside Bodrum Airport

    As I drove into Bodrum airport tonight, I noticed that Jandarmes were patrolling the entrance road stopping anyone parking in the lay-bys outside. Does anyone know if this is a permanent thing or a one-off. (Only ask because my husband usually waits outside and I ring him when I'm ready to be...
  5. N

    Advice needed on the 300 day waiting period for foreign nationals marrying in turkey?

    Hi i was hoping someone could help me, myself and partner are wanting to get married in turkey next september 2013 in sarigerme, The problem is i will not get my decree absolute untill the end of this year and if this 300 day waiting period applies i will not be able to get married, first...
  6. W

    waiting for tapu

    hi can someone out there tell me the procedure involved in obtaining your tapu. once you give the money to your estate agents what happens next. do there solicitor apply to who? is it the council the government the landowner or is it someone else? does any of this monies go elsewhere?i believe...
  7. G

    Residency visa waiting times

    Hi Just a bit of a rant really but have just returned from Fethiye after trying to do my residency [ on the back of a tourist visa ] early . Just 3 weeks early but being a worrier and daughter having a baby in the UK and wanting to fly mid July I thought I would make sure to get my passport...
  8. B

    Help>tapu waiting

    how do you repeat post already posted without having to rewrite it all,post is in altinkum forum about deeds waiting to be signed.and also how do you cancel previous threads.thank you in advance.:animation:moonie:
  9. B

    Deeds waiting

    help, Tapu (Deeds) waiting to be signed. hello people,i have been informed by the builder, deeds have come and have 30 days to sort out fees,and sign up, bought apt in didim aug 2008. very quick i think,anyway we bought at £40,000,paid £2,000 deposit, then a further £34,000 paid, leaves...
  10. icebern09

    To all you waiting with bated breath

    Thank you Mushtaq, you are a star.:humble: Mushtaq has very kindly added a place for people that have bought on the "Blue View Residence" complex to get together and chat, now that the building has started. We have bought an appartment in A Block and look forward to watching it grow and to...
  11. Mushtaq

    Turkey may be waiting at Europe's door for 20 more years

    The Times October 16, 2006 Turkey may be waiting at Europe's door for 20 more years From David Charter, in Brussels THE timetable for Turkey to join the EU appeared to slip yesterday when José Manuel Barroso, President of the European Commission, gave his most pessimistic view of the...
  12. W

    Waiting time for Tapu?

    Hi everyone, I would like to hear from anyone who has bought a property in Turkey and their experiences with regards to the length of time they had to wait to get their Tapu. I have a friend who had to wait nearly 2 years! I also know someone who who bought a property in June 2005 and they still...
  13. G

    Still waiting for Deeds

    Hi everyone, Would appreciate some advice on a problem I have. I entered an agreement in April 2004 to buy a two bedroom apartment in Altinkum. In July 2004 the estate agent e-mailed me saying that my deeds would be through anyday, and could I transfer the balance of what I owed into the...
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