1. S

    And they say we're thick....oh wait!!!!

    Well whilst I know any mention of this neck of the woods causes the British to yawn, their eyes glaze over and pretend to be asleep but just bear with me on this one. Our latest political scandal which may cost up to £400mill relates to being given a grant for burning wood pellets. Bottom...
  2. J

    What's the current wait for

    Military Clearance? Cheers, Jim.
  3. altinkum kev

    Wait for the Cheque.

    BRT made a huge mistake and published ticket number 58561 as a major prize winner. Erhan Saruhan partied all night on learning of his win but his hopes were dashed the next day when he learnt the truth. The State Lottery was drawn on January 23rd and Mr Saruhan was excited to hear that he held...
  4. TNT123

    Having to wait a bit longer

    Hi All. Ive only been on your forum for just over a week now and how life can change in 7 short days.This time last week I was looking forward to coming living out there in wouderfull Alanya now its on hold.I need medical treatment for an illness and the doctors says its best putting living off...
  5. gizmo

    Cant wait!! Tomorrow!

    Yes, hair coloured and cut, bags packed, books in and camera, passports, tickets etc., We are off tomorrow so look out Alanya. It came around very quick. Will take plenty of pics and post when we get back. Hope you all stay well til then. Huggies x x Gizmo :24:
  6. B

    Should I buy some Lira now or wait?

    I know none of you have got crystal balls but I was just interested in your opinion. We have flights booked to go in May, usually I would not bother buying any currency until we get there and use my debit card to withdraw. But i've noticed the rate has dropped slightly over the last few days...
  7. J

    Yum! cant wait for pud tonight

    Just pick a big bowl full of big ripe juicy strawberries from the garden, along with some redcurrants and a few raspberries, they are cleaned, sprinkled with sugar and waiting for the extra thick double cream in the fridge. You cant beat British strawberries, they taste so much better than...
  8. P

    Sell now or wait?

    Hi folk, we would appreciate the opinion of forum users on our decision to try and sell now or wait. Position is this;- We bought our villa in august 2007 (date on tapu) for £96.000 and spent at least £20.000 furnishing the place and doing things like re-roofing properly and glassing in a rear...
  9. E

    How long do i have to wait for my kimlik

    Hi could anyone tell me how long the wait is for the kimlik to come, i applied 3 months ago and have heard nothing, when i applied i was told about 3 months and that has passed with no one word. I have been told by someone that the police will come and i mush go there etc but not been told...
  10. willip

    Japanese Knickers Wait Until These Hit Tescos

    What you see are not see thru skirts. They are actually prints on the skirts to make it look as if the panties are visible. They are the current rage in Japan !
  11. John O' Dreams

    Bloody Sunday - Advanced Sight Arrangements for Saville Report Confirmed

    The Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, Owen Paterson, has confirmed arrangements for the families of those killed and injured and soldiers most directly involved to have advanced sight of the report of the Saville Inquiry before the Prime Minister makes his statement to the House of...
  12. S

    Beklemek = to wait

    So, here is a word, you will probably "use" a lot in Turkey, just by doing it : waiting Beklemek = to wait the stem is : bekle so you can say : biraz bekle lütften or more polite : biraz bekleyin (or they will say that to you ) In English we say : I'm waiting for you, for the bus.... but in...
  13. M

    Not long to wait now!!!

    Im heading out to Marmaris on 3rd July for two weeks :5:been looking forward to this so much this is our 4th year we love the country so much.Next year we'd like to try another area we've stayed in Marmaris every year where would you recommend for next year? Its only me and my husband this year...
  14. A

    Marrying in Turkey - 300 day wait for divorced women

    Hi all. I am hoping to 'do the deed' and marry my Turkish partner over in Turkey within the next 6 months. I have read numerous websites with conflicting info about divorced women marrying in Turkey; some saying that you have to wait 300 days and others stating this rule no longer applies. Does...
  15. sunshine

    Cant Wait!!!!

    I sit here on a sunday morning looking out of the window i see grey clouds,lots of rain and it reminds me of a miserable cold febuary morning..... :35: But to be honest i really couldn't give a monkeys because we fly out tonight for 4 weeks of good weather good food and lots of good beer. luv...
  16. M

    Can not wait

    Well flying out the whole mob of us for two weeks tomorrow 15 Yipeeee! this time it is a holiday not a buying spree so look forward to meeting more people in the Yali/Gum area, just packing now. see you soon. Cat & Mark
  17. L

    cant wait to live in akbuk

    hi guys we r new to this site so not quite sure wot we r doin. We have bought off plan (Olive Village) and r hoping to move to Akbuk in late 2008 early 2009. We came out to Akbuk in August n fell in love with the place. We r really glad we found this site it seems to have loads of info and...
  18. Andy

    Tapu.The longest wait

    Just a thought of how many people have waited more than the normal 3 months for their Tapu's to come through. When i first bought in October my agent said the wait would be no longer than 3 months, now 6 months later he's saying it shouldn't be long now. I know alot of people have wait...
  19. PaulT

    I'm back - but can't wait to return!

    Well, after counting down the sleeps/days/hours to my return to Turkey it's all been and gone too quickly! :29: Came back on Tuesday 11th October after spending 2 fantastic weeks in the Hotel Villa Lorraine!! - this is the 5th time I've stayed there and it gets better every time! (A small...
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