1. V

    15% Turkish wage rise

    The Turkish minimum wage will rise by 15% from January 1st. The increase will take the rate to 2325tl per month (just over £300). If previous years are to be followed, foreigners will see their SGK go up by the same % amount...
  2. Tenpin

    Minimum wage in Turkey raised by 26 pct

    Looks like a big increase in the minimum wage coming....which also means the same increase for SGK payments. Minimum wage in Turkey raised by 26 pct - Latest News
  3. Tenpin

    The true cost of rising the minimum wage

    Around 300,000 SME workers lose jobs after Turkey’s minimum wage hike. Around 300,000 SME workers lose jobs after Turkey?s minimum wage hike: Report - BUSINESS
  4. juco

    B&Q use living wage to cut staff wages

    Petition at the link below if you want to support the workers cause. https://www.change.org/p/don-t-use-living-wage-as-excuse-to-cut-pay-benefits
  5. suzyq

    Minimum wage in limbo

    An ambitious government plan to hike the minimum wage by 30 percent remains in limbo -- only days before its target implementation date -- with no agreement reached on who would shoulder the additional financial burden. In his remarks after a Science, Industry and Technology Ministry meeting on...
  6. M

    Standard wages for tradespeople - e.g. mechanic

    Hi, does anyone know if there are standard wages for trades, like an award wage for example? I'm trying to work out what would be the base wage for an automotive mechanic in turkey at the moment. Thanks!
  7. J

    Church of England living wage

    BBC News - Church of England pays some workers below living wage Oh dear, MP's can't get it right ( ever) neither can Archbishops.:amen:
  8. B

    Minimum wage levels

    on our complex the site management and site maintenance are stil tied to the builder. Most of the owners on site dont seem to care about the fact that they have delegated full spending authority to the site manager. The budget prepared for the site is really not a budget at all - it is...
  9. suzyq

    New Minimum Wage in Turkey

    The Ministry of Labor and Social Security set on Tuesday the net monthly minimum wage at TL 846 for the first half of the year and TL 891 for the second half, averaging TL 868.50 for the whole year, a figure which has been criticized by unions. The raise for 2014 was determined to be 5 percent...
  10. A

    Minimum Wage

    Don't know if this is correct section but can anyone tell me the minimum wage last year compared to this year? I heard it was being introduced in two stages this year.
  11. T

    minimum wage in Turkey

    does anyone now how the 'minimum wage' operates in Turkey? Is it an hourly, weekly, monthly amount?? The chap who organises our maintenance (only 6 apartments in the building so we don't have a formal arrangement) has told us that this needs to go up a lot due to increased expenditure. When I...
  12. immac

    Min Wage 2010

    From Zaman (extract): New minimum wage set to increase by 9.7 percent in 2010 The new net minimum wage is set to increase to TL 577.01 per month for workers over the age of 16 in the first six months of 2010 and will rise to TL 599.58 in the second half of the year, a cumulative annual...
  13. yalimart

    your first proper wage

    Martyns thread about worst jobs has got me thinking about my first proper wage after school, I worked at Lennons supermarket before my apprenticeship started in 1976 and was paid the vast sum of £21.83 gross. can you remember your first wage ? more to the point can you remember what you did with...
  14. immac

    Minimum Wage 2009

    The new minimum monthly wage rates, after tax etc., are 546TL for over 16 year olds, and for under 16s 472TL. Ian Monthly minimum wage for people over 16 to increase by TL 19 in July
  15. immac

    New Minimum Wage

    From Zaman: New minimum wage to be YTL 527 per month The Minimum Wage Determination Commission yesterday set the minimum wage as YTL 527 for workers over the age of 16. The final decision on the minimum wage will go into effect on Jan. 1. The new round in the ongoing minimum wage talks...
  16. immac

    Minimum Wage Increase

    From The New Anatolian: Minimum wage up by 16 YTL EkoTürk News Agency / Ankara 08 June 2007 With a 4 percent increase, the minimum wage will be 419.15 YTL net for people older that 16 years as of July 1. In line with the Minimum Wage Determination Commission’s decision, the minimum...
  17. david & emma

    Minimum wage?

    After working on a building site a couple of months ago where 70 british workers were employed to turn an old mill into a club and bar i was astonished when one day the owner came on site and paid everyone up and told them they were no longer required, but the contract was still four months...
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